Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Disney Trip, Day One!

I am going to make an attempt to keep up with blogging during our tip, we'll see how that goes!

These first couple photos were from before our trip started:

 These are our Magic Bands for Disney (we have two sets because we are actually going to Disney twice, split up by a visit to Mom and Jeff's).  These bands get you into your hotel room, the pool, you can pay for stuff with them, they have our cell numbers on them in case the kids get lost, park admission, fast pass, etc.

 Since we didn't want to take them in their big boxes, we weren't sure how to pack them.   I thought of putting them in a Crystal Light juice container, and it worked perfectly! =)

 Double headed kid in Daddy's sweatshirt

 Caleb wanted a turn

 Pretty toenails for the trip

And we were off!    We were all SO excited the day had finally arrived!   It was like Christmas!

 Playing Monopoly Deal in the airport while we waited for our plane

 These two sat together on one side of the plane (and entertained themselves soo well!)

 Our side

 I looked over and saw this (melt my heart!)

 THIS guy loved the flight!   He screamed with excitement when we took off =)
Multiple times during the day he said, "This is the Best day Ever!"


 Us girls in Atlanta

Caleb slept the whole way from Atlanta to Orlando which was soo awesome!   Moriah didn't nap..

 ...and tanked (hard) a soon as we got in our rental van =)

Philip and I were super excited to show the kids where we'd be staying for the first couple of days.  We had kept this part a surprise...

 This resort has sections themed for the Cars Movie, Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo and Lion King

 Ours was a Cars room! (I went in first and did video when the kids came in and they freaked out!)

 Fun kid's bathroom

 Our bedroom

 We have a Really nice shower in our bathroom!

 Moriah and I liked the Mickey soap =)

 This is probably the coolest thing about the room.  The table...

 ...turns into a bed!

Before bed, we decided to check out one of the pools near us... the Finding Nemo one:

 Happy Boy!

 How fun!

 These two had a blast!   (I barely put a toe in)

 Caleb and I

In the deep end

 Before bed, we checked out the Cars themed pool.   I Love the traffic cone "cabanas"!

The entrance to our building

Highlights of the day:

Keenan - "Seeing the room.   The whole day has been awesome, even the travel was fun!"

Moriah - "The pool, especially floating on my back in the lifejacket, because then I could hear the music under the water and feel the warm water all around me."  (They actually Did have music playing underwater!)

Caleb - "The pool and doing my tricks"  (He would jump off the edge and do little tricks, and then do a "bow", with one hand in front and one hand behind his body... it was hilarious!   We never showed him how to do that!)

Philip and I were very happy with how the day went, and the kids were super great!

That wraps up our day of travel and arrival at Disney!   Lots more fun to come!


Mom W. said...

Wow, I can just feel the excitement, the table that turns into a bed is fun!! Kind of like a Murphy bed??? Looking forward to more posts!!! =)

The Woodfords said...

So neat! Everything looks so cool - hope you have an amazing time!!

Love you all,

The Woodfords said...

So neat! Everything looks so cool - hope you have an amazing time!!

Love you all,

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

You totally stayed at our hotel. How did you not tell me this?