Sunday, April 26, 2015

Disney Trip, Day Five (Fun Morning...and back to Disney!)

While we were hanging out on Friday, Jessica and I randomly decided to run a 5K race together the next morning! Neither of us had run much in several weeks, but we'd been wanting to do a race together and the opportunity never presented itself, so this was our chance! We were both a little nervous, but decided to do it just for fun (and it was raising money for the youth ministry at their church!)

Philip had to leave early that morning to head back to Orlando for a meeting, so Mom graciously watched the kids for me while I went to the race.  They had a blast!

(Ready-ish) to go!

This is a drone photo from the start line of our race!
(I'm the one in the bright pink shirt at the tip of the arrow!)

The course was beautiful, around a pond in some pretty marshland.  It was HOT, though!  (This Kansas girl had forgotten what it was like to run in the Florida heat!) and there was no shade!    Our goal was to beat 28 minutes... and if we had some juice left in the last mile, we'd pick it up and do better.   Wow.  It was a rough race and by the last mile I had No juice left!    I told Jess to go on ahead at the last 1/3 mile or so and she finished about 20 seconds ahead of me.

Finish line picture - I. Was. Beat!

We did it!

...and we surprised ourselves by getting 1st and 2nd place in our age bracket!   Woohoo! =)

So, that made for a fun morning!   Jeff drove me to and from the race and stayed to watch, which was super special!

When I got home, Keenan left with Jeff and Isaac to go watch Isaac's soccer game.    I made an egg souffle for lunch for Mom and I and then put Caleb and Moriah down for naps.   While they napped, I collected our stuff from all corners of the house, got it packed up (along with the clean and folded laundry, compliments of Mom) and into the van, to be ready to head to Orlando as soon as the boys got back.

Mom and Jeff and Isaac drove us to Orlando to meet Philip at Fantasia Gardens to play some mini golf!

 Moriah teeing off

Team One - Jeff, Isaac, Keenan and Caleb

 Grandma giving Moriah some help
(Didn't she do a great job french braiding their hair so beautifully?)

 My handsome golfer

 Uncle Isaac and Caleb

 Team Two - Philip, Mom, Moriah and I

 Just us 
The course was So pretty!

 Caleb wanted in =)

 Sweet girl with the pretty flowers

Isaac posing like Mickey

Then we went to our resort, Old Key West, and discovered that we'd been upgraded from a one bedroom suite to a beautiful (HUGE!) two bedroom one!   What a blessing!

The kid's room

Our room

Jetted tub in our bathroom
(This is only half the bathroom, there is a separate room with the toilet, a huge shower and another sink)

Window through from the bedroom to the tub area

Living area

View of the kitchen (fully stocked with all the tools you need to prepare meals!)

Dining area looking out to the balcony

Looking back the other way

Our balcony (we Love to eat out here and it's so peaceful, just overlooking the woods, and we can also see the park and pool from here!)

Having fun in the giant chair with Grandpa

Oh, there's also a washer and dryer! =)

After we got settled, we headed over to Downton Disney for dinner.   We had some Delicious BBQ from The Smokehouse and then wondered around.

This "living statue" was pretty fun to watch!   Jeff and I posed with him...

...and then I could feel him moving toward me and it freaked me out! =)

His female counterpart

Moriah wanted a picture with her and Caleb tagged along =)
(It's pretty impressive, they always keep their eyes pointed down, so you never see their white eyeballs that would give them away!)

The best part about this day (for me) was that it felt that, by this time, our vacation should be over and we should be getting ready to head home, but really, we're only half way through!  YAY!

Keenan's highlight of the day was going to Uncle Isaac's soccer game.
Moriah's was walking around Downtown Disney with Grandma.
Caleb's was watching The Lego Movie at Grandma's in the morning =)


Bethany said...

Nice job on the race! You made it in under 28 min=)

Mom E said...

What a great day we had together!! And SO glad it worked out that you could run with Jessica and you really DID have to stay for the Awards Ceremony after all!! :)
I loved that the kids all had a favorite thing they liked about the day which involved Isaac, the movie & that Moriah loved walking around Downtown Disney with me. Keenan walked in after the soccer game and announed, "Well, Isaac's team won & kicked butt!" LOL!!
And so thankful you got a "suite" deal with that special upgrade at the resort! God is good!

Mom W. said...

I love the decor at your suite, the blue tones, so nice!! That was no suite, that was a house!!! The live statues were interesting!!!