Friday, April 24, 2015

Disney, Day Two

Our first park was Hollywood Studios!

The first ride we went on was the "Rock'n'Roller Coaster.   In 2009, when Philip and I had a day at Disney by ourselves, this was our favorite ride!    We were really excited for Keenan to try it (he was the only one tall enough to do it of the kids), but he was Super worried that he'd be too scared!   I went with him first, and the whole time we waited he talked about how scared he was and that he didn't think he'd want to go upside down, and could we please skip it?   I told him to trust me and that he would love it if he gave it a try (all the while praying that I was right and that he wouldn't hate me!)  His poor little heart was pounding SO hard as we got in and zoomed off!    It's an indoor coaster and everything is dark, except a few things that are lit up with black lights.  When it was done, he loved it and rode it again with Philip!   We were so proud of him =)

Moriah in front of the Huge guitar at the Rock'n'Rollercoaster

Waiting in line for the Toy Story Midway!  (A fun ride where you get to compete against your seat mate as you shoot at all different targets and get points!)

The kids, especially Caleb, (who evaded us underground for quite some time) loved the Honey I Shrunk the Kids play area!

Just the 'rents

Philip did a Great job of planning out our morning, with fast pass tickets for certain rides, and a good mix of rides, walking, and shows where we could rest!    We all loved the Indian Jones Stunt Show Spectacular.    They do a ton of stunts, fight scenes, explosions, accidents, etc, just like they do in real movies!

Indiana Jones and his friend running from an explosion

I love this shot of the plane and gas truck in flames

The kids and I all wore fun Disney shirts

Go Magic Bands!

We had reservations for a character lunch at the Hollywood and Vine

We enjoyed a Delicious buffet and the kids loved seeing the characters come around to the table
(Here they're dancing and singing with Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates)

Happy kids

Moriah Loved seeing Princess Sophia!

Doc McStuffins is a pretty cute show


Caleb was most excited to see Handy Manny!

So glad we got to see all four during lunch!

Then we headed back to the room for naps and a rest before a busy afternoon

 Our Disney cups (they were part of the Disney dining plan, and could be refilled with fountain drinks at our resort every three minutes!

 Guido and Luigi!

Since we had read Swiss Family Robinson and also watched the movie, we knew the kids would love the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse!

 They did!

 That's a cool kitchen, folks!

 On Thunder Mountain Railroad (so fun!)

 Caleb at a play place while the big kids did the roller coaster
(He immediately set up shop as a restaurant and business was hoping!)

We went to Mickey's Philharmagic show which was a fun 3-D musical show that went through most of the Disney movies in 12 minutes.

 On the huge carousel (150 people!)

 Family selfie

 When I took this picture of myself, Philip coined the term "carouselfie" =)

 Caleb at the wheel at Tomorrowland Speedway (you control the gas and steering, but the car has a track between the wheels to keep you in your own space as you drive around

 On the Buzz Lightyear ride

 While the big kids rode the Buzz ride again, Caleb and I checked out the dance party with the Incredibles

 Goodnight, Magic Kingdom

Back at our hotel, we checked out the remaining Cars figures we hadn't visited yet...


 Lightning McQueen



 Back to Mater!

 Moriah strikes a pose

 The dudes

What a fun and busy day!

Highlights for the kids were:

Keenan- Rock'n'Rollercoaster and the Toy Story Ride

Moriah - Toy Story, the Honey I Shrunk the Kids park and Thundermountain Railroad

Caleb - The Indiana Jones Stunt Show, seeing Handy Manny and the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse


Mom W. said...

I love the carouselfie!! Good thinking Philip!!! Wow, it makes me tired trying to keep up with it all! Good thing you make Keenan try the ride or he would have always wondered...

Enjoy your visit with Jeff and Kathleen and Isaac!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

I love these updates - what a special memory. I think it would be fun to tag along with some family that has kids some time...
I would LOVE to see the Swiss Family Robinson tree house! I've always thought that was so cool!
And the carouselfie? Haha!
Love all the pictures with the cars too. :)
Glad you're having so much fun :)