Friday, April 24, 2015

Disney, Day Three

Yesterday started out pretty badly.   We were running a little late getting to Animal Kingdom, and the weather forecast was totally off, meaning it started sprinkling while we waited at the gate (instead of not raining until 3pm), and by the time we checked through it was Down pouring!    We had no jackets, umbrella or anything, so were soaked almost immediately.    We did take shelter under a roof for bit to let it die down, but were already so wet and cold and miserable.  Caleb was crying "I want to go to Grandma's house!"

The first thing we did (during the rain) was the Kilimanjaro Safari:

Wet family selfie

Just a few of the animals we saw:

While waiting for rides to reopen after the lightening, we took some fun pictures in this little cart:

A kind passerby took these next two and she did a great job!

Love this one!

Next up, we did Kali River Rapids!

All ready to go!

It's funny that I got this one of Philip and Caleb looking so happy, because minutes later, a Wave came up over the back of their seats and completely drenched them!!

Thankfully after this, (after two hours of being cold and wet), the sun came out and started to warm us up!

Moriah and I rode Expedition Everest first... it's intense!     After we got off (and she loved it), she said, "At one point, I almost peed my pants!"  Haha!

Watching Expedition Everest


Posing with the Iguanadon while Philip and Keenan rode the Dinosaur ride

A really pretty flower (rose?)

We happened to catch a super short line to see Donald!

After lunch, we drove to Epcot.   Caleb (thankfully) fell asleep on the way, so he and I stayed in the van for a couple hours while the others went into the park and got fast passes and did a couple rides.

The kids really liked Mission Space, which is a simulator that makes you feel like you're going to Mars, complete with G forces!

Outside of the Nemo ride

On Nemo

The Nemo area has some of the biggest aquariums we've ever seen... so many beautiful fish!!


Watching a diver in one of the tanks

My peeps

Keenan follwed this fish down from the top of the glass

In Bruce's mouth!!

We did the Living with the Land boat tour, that takes you through some giant greenhouses where they show you how they grow all different things, and different ways that people can use the land in a healthy way.

It was so pretty and smelled so nice and fresh in there!

Hydroponic lettuce, exactly the same as the greenhouses I used to work in when I was younger!

Gorgeous!   Did you know marigolds are an edible flower?

We had dinner reservations at the Garden Grill Restaurant, which overlooks the Living with the Land ride.   The restaurant actually rotates the whole time!  (Not fast, you don't hardly feel it, you just look up and notice that you are looking at different stuff than you were before!)    It was another character meal, so the kids got to meet some more friends.

Chip and Dale (no I don't know which one is which)

He gave such big hugs to the characters =)

Caleb was sooo happy to see Mickey!
(When he saw him across the restaurant he shouted, "Hey Mickey!   I'm over here!   Were you looking for me?")

Farmer Mickey

Silly Pluto


The food was AMAZING.   It came served family style, and you could have as much of anything as you wanted!

The adult's food (roast beef, mashed potatoes, carrots, snap peas and corn,  fish with a tomato compote, turkey and stuffing (there were also rolls with honey butter and salad)
Some of the vegetables were even grown in their own greenhouses!

The kid's food (chicken drumsticks, broccoli, mac'n'cheese, baked sweet potatoes)

Cupcake "cones" for the kid's dessert

Actually shaped like a cone!

Family Epcot picture

Checking out some of the beautiful topiaries:

On a quick walk through the butterfly house
Me with a beautiful flower backdrop

Keenan did a great job on this one!

Caleb was so happy to see these!

After this, we drove to Mom and Jeff's and got to visit for a minute with Matt and Jessica and their whole crew before bed!

Highlights of the day:

Keenan - Expedition Everest and Mission Space.  After Keenan got off of Expedition Everest (which he also loved) he said,  "THAT was horrifying!"

Moriah - She also liked Expedition Everest and Mission Space

Caleb - Meeting the characters


Anonymous said...

These posts are so fun to read!

I love the picture of you and Philip that Keenan took. Cute couple picture. And I love the pictures of the 5 of you in the cart. I'm glad that such a rainy day turned out to be so much fun! Oh, and I really like the one of you with the flowers. I love your top... And your smile... And you :)

Mark and Rebekah said...

Ooops, that previous one is from Rebekah, not Anonymous :)

denise said...

So cool! I'm glad you're having fun. BTW Chip has the black nose "chocolate chip" while Dale has a red nose. When I remember "chocolate chip" it reminds me which one is which.

Mom W. said...

Glad you finally dried out, not fun being wet!!! I liked the safari, brought back memories. The Fashionista was good too!! I think the flower is a gardenia! Did you smell it? It has a strong distinctive smell.

The food looked so yummy, wow, what a feast!!!

Great post, so enjoyed!!! Hi to Jeff and Kathleen and Matt and Jessica!!

So funny Caleb's call to Mickey!!! =)