Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Day Six

On Sunday, Philip had to spend most of the day at the conference, so the kids and I had a relaxing day, hanging around the resort.

We headed over to check out the little park beside us and see what the pool was like...

I love this picture of Caleb on the climbing wall

Ready to race down the slide!

The kids Loved the pool!

The pool was a good size and we had it mostly to ourselves!

Loving this Florida weather!

I took this shot through the Mickey shaped whole in one of the wooden railing spindles =)

Smiley boy

Shoulder ride!

When Philip got home, we got on the boat and rode over to Downtown Disney...

On the boat

We went to Disney Quest, a five story, indoor game park

Waiting in line

Caleb was my gunner to get the aliens when we went on a mission in space to rescue colonists =)


My favorite part of the evening was taking a class with Moriah where we learned how to draw Goofy!  The instructor at the front tells you step by step what to do (sort of like the painting classes I've done)

Moriah getting started

I ran out of space for Goofy's hat

Moriah's nearly completed Goofy (she ran out of space for the bottom part of his face)

Hers all finished - I love it!

My finished Goofy

At her drawing board with her special pen

Leaving Downtown Disney on the boat at night

Headed home to Old Key West!

Moriah and Caleb chose this Minnie and Mickey as their souvenirs, I love this shot of them sleeping with them =)

Keenan and Caleb's favorite thing of the day was going to the pool.
Moriah's was doing the Goofy drawing class.


Mark and Rebekah said...

I love all these updates :)
It looks like your kids are having the time of their lives - such special memories, and so many pictures to remember the trip by :)
I'm glad you're getting some relaxing time in too...

Mom W. said...

Wow, good job on the Goofy drawings (ha goofie drawings... ) =)

The boat ride looked fun too!!

Wow, I bet you are all sleeping well!!!