Thursday, April 30, 2015

Day Nine, Wrap up at Epcot and Hollywood Studios

After our busy day at Magic Kingdom the day before, we took this one a little easier. Philip went to the conference in the morning and the kids and I slept in, and then I got caught up a bit on blogging while they watched some Disney cartoons. We got on the bus and went to meet Philip at Epcot (to do a couple things we hadn't had time to do earlier in the week).

The kids got pretty good at riding Disney transportation =)

While Philip took the kids to ride Test Track (a ride where you digitally design your own race car, and then see how it competes for performance, power, etc against other cars.... and then ride a car around an outdoor track at almost 65 miles an hour!)    Caleb was pretty teary at first and then fell asleep on me...

... which we later found out was because he was sick.    The poor kid puked twice that day, had a pretty high fever and took about four naps =0/

Then we headed over to "Canada" to see the Lumberjack show...

Sleepy kids

While we waited, Philip took the older kids to find a virtual geocache nearby.

This is where it was

Gorgeous flowers!
One of the best things about Epcot is their gardens!   Just phenomenal!

The lumberjack show
They did axe throwing, log splitting, two man sawing and...

Log rolling!

Down goes Blue!

Next we had a delicious lunch at The Land and rode Soarin', a ride that makes you feel like you're flying in a hang glider over lots of American landmarks, complete with wind, smells and sounds.  Really fun!

After that, we hurried over to Hollywood Studios to catch the Lights, Motors, Action!  Stunt show!   Philip and I had seen this, and we had also taken the kids when they were really young, but we knew they would really enjoy it at this age!

A new guest to the show was Lighting McQueen!   How fun!

Here is one of the exciting sequences.    A stunt car races into the back of a large truck, up a ramp inside...

...across to the roof of a fruit truck,

...and straight off the end!

There's a giant air bag back there that the car lands on, so cool!

Motorcycle chase

His bike slipped and he slide through the fire!

Man on fire!  (After about 10 seconds he has to hit the ground and be sprayed out or the suit gets too hot and dangerous inside)

These two Loved it!

Grand Finale!

After this, Caleb and I took the bus back to Old Key West, and Philip took the older kids to pick up our rental van at the hotel where his conference was.    Here are some pictures of his:

 The huge dancing fountain on the way out of Epcot
(the water probably shoots at least 40 feet in the air!)

 Outside the hotel where his conference was

In the lobby

The one picture I took of the Outside of our resort!

Tired sick boy asleep on the couch with Mickey

Here are some phone pictures Philip took when he and the kids went to Downtown Disney to the huge World of Disney Store (where Keenan chose his souvenir, a Star Wars Light Saber), and the world's largest Lego Store!

 World of Disney

Some fun pictures inside the Lego store:

 Bunnies and carrots


 Hulk is pretty scary!

 Moriah with one of the characters from Lego Friends

 I Love this one! =)

Moriah thought they should buy this Minnie dress for me (it was over $50!)  =)

Keenan and Moriah's favorite thing of the day was the stunt show at Hollywood Studios.
Caleb's was...probably being snuggled up on the couch watching cartoons with Mickey when we finally got back to the resort.

Whew!  Time to pack up and hit the hay for our early flight home!

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Mom W. said...

Awww, and I was just thinking yesterday that one of the reasons it was the perfect holiday was because no one was sick... so sorry that Caleb was!! =(