Saturday, April 18, 2015

C.C. and Stuff

Last week was our final week of Classical Conversations for this year! It doesn't mean we're done with school, but it's nice to be finished with the weekly trips to the other side of the city every Friday morning =)

Here are a few CC photos:

Moriah's class this year
Her teacher, Mrs. Deck was fantastic!!

Being goofy

The church where we met with the group every week

All the kids

With the parents

Keenan's class
His tutor, Mrs. Coslett was really great too (this was a challenging class!)

Crazy kids

An "in class" shot of Moriah's class

This aren't my kids, but this is what their shirts looked like this year =)

Moriah's class got to graph with Skittles on the last day!

I was the "campus photographer" this year, so I got to check in on all five classes regularly to take pictures for the year book..

Keenan did a great job of nailing all the presidents!

Caleb wanted a picture with his forklift

We are SO excited about Disney and have been doing a countdown for the last week leading up to our trip.   I bought these little Disney figures (at the Dollar Store)...
Each morning, they are waiting for the kids on the dining room table, with the days remaining until our trip, as well as a short list of ways they can be helpful getting ready for the trip (for ex: get all the bags and lay them out in one of the spare rooms, find your carry on and put toys in it, pick out some outfits and find your bathings suits.   In this picture, they each got a luggage tag to put on their carry ons.  =)

At the kid's final art class with my friend, Jen, they did "birds on a wire"

Keenan's two silly birds

Moriah's birds are in love =)
(The one on the far left has really silly "hair" and the one on the right has glasses)


The Woodfords said...
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The Woodfords said...

The art work looks great - so cute! It's always fun counting down the days to something special - I like your ideas! Can you taste the mustard in the souffle? I will definitely be trying it!

Love you all!

Joia said...

Steph, no you can't taste the mustard! =)

Mark and Rebekah said...

I love your posts. And Disney is coming up SO SOON! I'm so excited for you all! I've read somewhere that a lot of the enjoyment of a holiday is the anticipations leading up to it... You guys are doing a great job of savouring the excitement :) I look forward to reading about your adventures when you come back!

The Woodfords said...

Sorry about the double comment - I keep doing that recently! =P Glad you can't taste the mustard. I had a recipe for an egg something-or-other once, and it called for prepared mustard (not too much), and I could hardly eat it, the taste was so strong - so just wanted to check, thanks!! =)

Mom W. said...

I like what the shirts say!! The souffle looks so good, I have never tried one!! Their art work is really fun!!