Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Catching up to Easter

Here are pictures from the last week or so that I hadn't got around to posting yet:

Cauliflower fritters - yum!

For CC, the kids were supposed to draw and talk about something that they like that is part of God's creation, and quote Psalm 19:1 "The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim the work of His hands."

Keenan chose to do a sunflower (art is not really his thing, and I am so proud of how well he did on this!)

Moriah did a Cardinal

We had a pretty severe storm right before Easter with crazy wind, hail, etc that did a lot of damage in the area.   This picture was taken at the main intersection right outside of our neighborhood

It's kind of hard to see (since I took this picture quickly while I was driving), but after that pole that is leaning over, there were a TON of poles lying right down in the road!   We actually have no idea how many were down, because in the distance you can't see Any standing up!  ** We later counted, and the damage lasted for at least a mile and a half, requiring 75 poles!!** A Lot of people were out of power for most of the weekend as a result, including our friends the Kims, so they borrowed our downstairs fridge and freezer space =)

The kids with their Easter basket goodies from Grandma and Grandpa E!
(They actually got to "open" them while on Skype with Mom and Jeff and Isaac, so that was fun

Egg hunt in our backyard

We found them all!

On Easter morning, I left Philip and the kids home in bed and met up with a few friends for a chilly sunrise service around a fire.   It was really special as we watched the sun come up and shared about the hope we have in Him while singing songs around the fire.

I made this for the Easter lunch at the Stephens and it was really good!

Volleyball (after they gave up playing with the Huge ball you see by Philip)

Caleb chillin' with our friend, Preston

Big egg hunt for the kids

Red bud - it blooms everywhere here in the spring and is soo pretty!

Delicious and Easy Pull Apart Bread

Try it!

For a few days we had a cute "duck couple" hanging around our backyard.   We got the biggest kick out of seeing them actually swimming IN our tiny little (then, nasty) pond! =)

(You can see the mallard's head behind her in the water)

We thought they might be scouting out a place to make their nest (and were both excited and worried about the prospect), but they seem to have moved on

We discovered one lone, pretty tulip by our pond!

Our lilacs are in full bloom now (they do appear to be light purple after all)

Pretty purple girl

...and we have daffodils beside our front walk! =)

One of the best things I've made lately, a Quinoa Roasted Veggie Protein Bowl

In place of the quinoa, you can also use...

We Finally used the "patio stove" that came with our house, for the first time!
The fire surprised us and blazed out the top as well, which the kids found really exciting =)
When it calmed down a little, it was great for roasting the perfect marshmallow inside!

Fun nails
(Moriah and I are practicing to see what we like before our Disney trip)


Mom W. said...

Great artwork as usual kids!!! The breakfast bake looks yummy and the pull apart bread, I see why it is easy, it is biscuit dough!!

Mom W. again said...

... I had to cut my comment short because Dad called and I had to leave and go get him... I really enjoyed the pictures... interesting that the lilacs are purple after all!!

Bethany said...

SO many recipes that look Awesome!!! I can see that quinoa recipe happening very soon… =)

And we have red bud trees here too… one of my favorites in the spring!