Monday, March 2, 2015

Winter Weekend

Here are some pictures from in and around our snowy weekend!

The kids randomly decided to put every car they could find onto Caleb's little table... pretty impressive collection!

Keenan and Moriah have been practicing doing head stands...

They're getting pretty good!

Philip surprised me this past week with Wednesday and Thursday off!   It was super fun because we had a field trip planned on Wednesday and a play on Thursday! =)

On Wednesday, we went with our C.C. group to Exploration Place.   The kids got to enjoy the exhibits, then our group had a private science experiment session, we had lunch and then watched a really cute show in the "dome", called "Animalopolis".

In the science room
Each kid got a balloon, and after they were inflated, each person's balloon smelled like vanilla, lemon, mint, cherry etc, because the scent molecules (from a couple drops of extract) were small enough to escape through the pores of the balloon.

Here the kids were discovering "worm goo".  It's a gel like substance that when squirted into water with sodium alginate, turns into rubbery "worms"!   Super cool!

I may have to buy some of this stuff

Two sillies snuggling on the chair

On Saturday morning, with several beautiful inches of snow on the ground and huge snowflakes still falling, we had a delicious, cozy family breakfast, my first "dutch baby" pancake!

Delicious.   You should make one =)

Out our front door
(We ended up with about six inches of snow - the most we've had yet!)

A stack of boys =)

I sent this picture to Devin and Melissa (in Costa Rica) of their car in our driveway =)

We babysat our friends, Jonah and Cora today.   They are sweet, well behaved kids =)

I Love this picture of the girls at the piano

These two sat for a long time, looking at this "search and find" book together!

I had to take this picture to document my "quarterly game of Settlers".    I Really don't enjoy this game, but Keenan loves it, so when we gave it to him for Christmas, I promised him I'd play it every three months.   I played at Christmas with Philip, Keenan and Rebekah, so when March rolled around, I knew it was time. =)   (Don't tell Keenan, but it is slightly less painful each time, and this time I even had nine points when Philip won!)


Mark and Rebekah said...


After being winter people for almost a full season, were you happy to see those six inches of snow? Or are you ready for Spring? I think I'm done with the snow... But a snowstorm at the beginning of March can make you feel a little cynical :)

I LOVE the car picture :) I also love how all three of your kids play together and have a special relationship with the others. So sweet!

Love you all!

PS- I have a Settler rule - only play with super fun people :)

Joia said...

Rebekah, Good question! We have enjoyed the winter, but are hoping that the six inches of snow (which are Completely melted and gone now - Ha!) was our last. =)

Mom W. said...

OH my Joia, you are going to become a Settle convert ;)

Glad you are still enjoying the snow, obviously you have not been inundated like we have this winter. We are really tired of it now!!! Please come spring!!

Next week is supposed to be in the pluses!! SO glad!!