Sunday, March 22, 2015

Springtime Fun!

Time to catch up again! Last Wednesday, my friend, Christa, came over for breakfast with her baby girl, Eden, and our friend's baby, Malinda!

Moriah was in heaven..

Riah with Malinda

Christa helping Caleb hold Eden

That afternoon I took our kids and their friend, Tam, to a free Kid's Carnival at our library!

There were all kinds of activities (crafts, games, etc) as well as free hotdogs, lemonade and popcorn!

Silly clowns

Ring toss

Three in a row

Soup can bowling

At the end, they each got to choose two prizes!

With the clown masks they made

It was time to take the snowflakes off the window by the door and decorate the mantel for spring!

I didn't let myself buy anything new this time, and just found stuff around the house instead

This was a free printable online

This yarn ball I made is one of my favorite parts =)

Love these boys!

We decorated our eggs a little differently this year.   I saw a tutorial for dying your eggs with nail polish and decided to give it a try!

(It's quite messy, but really fun and easy)

Putting some of my many polishes to good use =)

Drying in a muffin tin (fresh from baking Keenan's birthday cupcakes)

All done, so pretty!

Moriah's eggs


The multicolored ones here are Keenan's

These are the last two we did (Caleb's pick) and I think they are the prettiest!

We welcomed the first day of spring with Free Italian Ice at Rita's!


Mom W. said...

Fun with babies, fun with eggies!! Cool idea with the nail polish!!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

Moriah definitely has the "love-of-babies-Woodford-genes! Caleb on the other hand...