Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring is Coming!

My last post was called "Winter Weekend", and now things have changed! =)

Last Wednesday, I had my friend, Dawnita over for lunch.   She and I were both babysitting that day.  Bennett (on the left) was with her, and Elias (in Keenan's lap) was with me =)

All the boys

Elias was super smiley and really liked Keenan!   At one point, he was laughing so loud, I could hear him from another room! =)

Keenan got this one of me in my happy place =)


Caleb holding him after his nap

...and helping with his bottle =)

A cute dinosaur costume we found in a bin of clothes from a friend =)

This is how the weather changed between February 28th and March 7th =)

It has been Gorgeous!    (As I'm writing this, it's 76 out)  Aaahh... so hoping spring is here!

Keenan calls this a giant spider crab =)

Caleb was doing some "school".   The bottom shape is a pickle.  I was sooo impressed with his square!

We finally tied Moriah's blanket that she got for her birthday =)

All cozied up!  (Keenan was given his when he was a newborn!)

 An afternoon of lego building with Keenan resulted in this for me,

 ...and this five level, flying bus for Keenan!

Side view =)

Last Sunday, our two house church groups got together for a special time for the parents to dedicate the four new babies to the Lord.
It was nice enough (and light enough!) to meet outside!

Angela talking about baby Elias (2)

Two of our "mentor" couples prayed over each baby and their parents
(This is Aaron and Melissa with baby Malinda)

Jessica and Sam with baby Elias (1)

Justin and Christa with baby Eden

The whole bunch!

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Mom W. said...

Wow, 4 new babies, that is wonderful, what a great get together!!