Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pie, pi, sheep and disc golf!

On pi day, we celebrated by having pie for breakfast!

I made us each our own personal sized fruit pie:

Mine (mixed berry)

Philip's (apple)

This picture cracks me up

We headed to the zoo with the kids and their friend, Tam, to see some sheep shearing!

This cracks me up!   When they start, they "sit" the sheep on it's butt like this.  Apparently that puts it in a bit of a daze and it doesn't seem to mind at all!   No struggling, no bleating, no nothing!

So funny!

Shaggy ones waiting their turn

I can imagine he's thinking "Ugh, this is so undignified"

It's impressive how they take it off almost in once piece!

After they're sheared, they are more easy to inspect for the vet, and then they get their shots, etc

It was quite cold, so after we were done with the sheep, we headed to the warm amphibian house...

This little guy was kinda cute

The kids were thrilled that this giraffe was so close to the fence!

The weather was Gorgeous on Sunday, so we went disc golfing (for the first time this season) and took a picnic:

Ready to tee off!

Caleb climbed up here, posed himself and asked me to take a picture =)

A yummy picnic lunch after hole nine!

I love this guy

Yesterday, Dairy Queen was giving away free cones, in honor of it's 75th birthday... fun!


Then we headed to the park, to enjoy the EIGHTY TWO degree weather!

 I think these things are a horrible idea, but kids love them...

 Keenan and Moriah both on it with some new friends =)

 Very intent

 Crowded slide!

 I love this =)

 Moriah showing off her monkey bar skills

 Keenan Jumped to the sixth ring!

 At the top of our "sledding hill"

 Love these kids so much!


Mark and Rebekah said...

I love all the sunny pictures :) My favourite though is the last one with the kids running down the hill... You have such happy kids. I love looking at your pictures.
Love you all!
PS- I love the sheep sitting on their butts too :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Joia...wish I could email you privately but can't so will say something here...love "catching up" with your blogs and what you've all been up too...keep enjoying that family of yours as each one grows up fast. Being sheep farmers, it makes us "laugh" a little when "townies" enjoy sheep things but it shows what we sometimes take for granted. The shearing technique was introduced by NZ farmers the Bowen Brothers and I think it went around the world.... however the big thing about shearing is the verse in the Bible that says about the Lord in a prophetic way...He was led before His shearers as dumb and opened not His mouth.... I wonder if you noticed that with the sheep? What a lesson we can have through scripture and sheep...btw I am happy to share if you have any questions but you'll have to get email off maybe Steph :) Sorry...long post but thanks for sharing and may GOD encourage you as you train your blessings for HIM.

From across the miles in NZ,

Mom W. said...

Poor sheep getting his coat taken off on a cold day!!! Sure looks different without the wool. Dad sharpens those shearing tools now!! Interesting to see how they use them. 82 degrees, just not fair!!! =)