Sunday, March 22, 2015

Keenan's Board Game Themed Birthday Party

Keenan chose a board game (well game, but mostly board game) theme for his party and it was really fun to set up!

I thought it would be fun to put out pictures of Keenan at different ages (the one on the left is one of my favorites ever!)

We have so many games they were everywhere!

I used pieces from a bunch of different games to top the cupcakes

Scrabble Birthday message

Uno Stacko tower

The weather was so nice, the kids spent most of their time outside...

Jade and Xavier playing corn hole (that is Xavier's bag in mid air)

Jade's throw

Pretty girls

Food table, served up on various game boards

Veggies on Chess

Tomatoes in Battle Ships

Grapes on Parcheesi (?)

There were supposed to be a few other kids at the party, but they couldn't make it.  Here's the crew =)

Keenan was so happy to have Jade and Eden back in town for his party!

Cupcake and Happy Birthday time!

Keenan asked for Cookies and Cream cupcakes, a first for me.

They were so good and had an Oreo baked into the bottom!

A cool motorcycle model from Tam

He got a super cool Costa Rican soccer jersey from the Pennys.  I'm sure you'll see it on here soon.

When I went to kiss the kids before I went to bed, I found the boys like this! =)


Mom W. said...

Very cool idea for Keenan's Birthday!! Did you play some of the games too???

Good idea putting the game pieces on the cupcakes, as long as no one went home with them ;)

Mark and Rebekah said...

I LOVE the idea for this party! Such a cool way to use all your games, and they're so bright and pretty... I love how you change up the pictures on the shelf in the Kitchen... And how SPECIAL that Jade and Eden could be there. I remember how much your kids talked about missing them while we were there in the summer!

Mark and Rebekah said...

Random comment, but it looks like there's a fence beside your table outside. Has that always been there? Or have you had a fence added? Just wondering...

Joia said...

Rebekah, yes, the fence was there before, it's just an L shaped piece around the patio (where their hot tub used to sit) =)

denise said...

Happy Birthday to a special boy! We hope you have a fun time with all your gifts :) Love, Denise, Dan, Easton, Dalton and Quinton

Bethany said...

Such a fun theme! And cool idea to put food On the game boards… looks like a great time!

Drew Watts said...

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