Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Keenan's 8th Birthday!

We really wanted Keenan to feel special on his birthday (even though his party isn't until the 21st).   Among the little surprises of the day were the fact that we weren't doing school for the day, and Moriah and I would do his chores.   We also made a list of "Things We Like About Keenan".

  Here is how the day went: After the kids went to bed, I decorated the house to surprise him in the morning:

Streamers and balloons over the table

Gifts and cards ready for the morning

An Etch a Sketch birthday message =)

Streamers on the doorway from the kid's rooms

 Special birthday breakfast: chocolate milk, apple, peanut butter sandwich, egg and cheese quesadilla
(wearing his new watch)

I had mentioned on facebook a couple weeks ago that Keenan was collecting pennies, and said it would be really cool if anyone wanted to look through their pennies and mail him some as a surprise for his collection.   A bunch of people did this and I kept them all until his birthday.   He was SO excited!!

 With a card full of pennies from Aunt Mary D!

 My friend, Suzanne, gave him this huge jar to look through!

Happy kid =)

 Family picture before Philip left for work

 How can he be eight??

 Blow that candle out!

 Six layer chocolate chip cookie cake!

 This was a blast to make and to eat!
(We even had some for breakfast!)

 Yum.   Recipe here

After breakfast, I packed up our lunch, Keenan got a birthday call from Kenya, and we headed to the Nifty Nut House so he could pick out some birthday candy.   Philip surprised the kids by being inside the door when we got there =)

Next, we headed to Exploration place for a couple of hours!   Keenan got to decide what we did:

 He and Moriah in the "wind machine" (winds up to 78 miles an hour!)

 I Love this one of Caleb and I!

 All of us (that's my camera strap in the way)

 Fun shots in the miniature train part (I love all the detail!)

Then we had a picnic outside in the beautiful weather!

 Lunch with some of his favorites: Skewers with meat/cheese/grapes, Cheetos, apples, Nilla/PB/sprinkle treats and little Sprites

 So fun!

Then they played at the playground for a while before we got ice cream and headed home

 Stacked up on the fireman pole

 Fun reflections on the way back to the van

 I decorated the van - the kids Loved hearing people honk for us!
(It was, however, a Big job to clean off today!)

Playing with lego candy (one of Keenan's selections at the Nifty Nut House)

 He also (fittingly) got some "penny" chocolates!

They are quite detailed!

That night we had our house church gathering, so we sang Happy Birthday again and shared the rest of the cake with our friends.

He got his other gift from us at the end of the day:

It was Such a fun day!    Keenan felt special and loved and said his favorite part was getting his watch =)

We love you, Keenan!

* Some of my birthday ideas came from a blog post I came across about "How to fill your child's love tank on their birthday*


Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Wow. Firstly he looks SO old. And secondly I am so impressed with you as a mom. What a great thing to do for your boy!

Mom W. said...

wow, what a great day your Mom made for you Keenan... (I guess you won't see this unless your Mom tells you!!) sorry we didn't call, we were on the road that day, but we did think of you!! That cake looks so yummy!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

You are such a good mom Joia! So many sweet memories to make Keenan feel special! This sounds like the perfect day for an eight year old... Or anyone for that matter!