Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Green, Eggs and Bam!

St. Patty's Day brought a fun green breakfast to our house!

Green waffles, eggs, milk and rainbow fruit skewers

Moriah Loves to draw.  She does it every single day.   Recently she has started to look around her and draw what she sees (like the back of our neighbor's house out our dining room window, complete with every window the right size and location, their back deck, their bbq, trash cans, etc)   I decided to set up some things for her to draw:

A bunch of fruit

Pretty great, right?

Keenan decided to draw my camera and one of my lenses (obviously I'm taking this picture on that camera, so I don't have a picture of the camera) =)

He did a great job

Next up for Moriah, a globe and lantern

I had seen a fun "eggs-periment" online and knew we Had to try it!    I bought five dozen eggs for $8.50, not bad!

Unsuspecting eggs...

The experiment:   Why doesn't a mother hen break the eggs when she sits on them, but a tiny chick's beak can break out?    Also, will they hold Us??

The kid's hypothesis was "No, they will Not hold us and this will make a giant mess!"

Moriah took the first timid step:

So excited to be standing on eggs!

Taking a few steps

Rearranging after one broke when pressed on by just her large toe

Keenan getting ready to try

Wow!   They even hold him!

Taking a walk

Caleb's turn

So fun!

Even after seeing that when weight is evenly distributed over several eggs, they can hold a lot, the kids still didn't think they would hold Me. =)

Let's see...


Proof positive

I was the only one to Not break an egg while walking!

Love this

We made some fun green food for house church that night:

Green cake mix cookies

Green cornflake marshmallow squares

...and (naturally) green spinach/banana muffins (they were actually really good!)

....and the "Bam!" came fairly shortly after Keenan Way over inflated this balloon!

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Mom W. said...

Wow the kids artwork is really good, especially impressed with Moriah's fruit!!!! Good job Moriah!! Guess you needed to bake to get rid of all those eggs, No green eggs and ham? ;)