Sunday, March 22, 2015

Eagle Valley Raptor Center

Yesterday morning we went to the kids' friend, Jonah's birthday party at a center for rescued birds of prey.   It was awesome!   They take in 150 birds a year.    They have been shot, hit by cars etc.  Most are rehabilitated and released back into the wild.

I don't remember the name of this tiny owl
Editor's Note: Joia, I know you don't believe me, but I'm 99% sure he said it was a Screech Owl.

This one is a Barred Owl
(he was my favorite because he was so cute and just looked so intently at his owner the whole time he was talking)

Silly kid

Great Horned Owl

The kids checking out the contents of some owl pellets

Jawbone of a mouse

Shoulder blade


He gulped this down whole in a matter of seconds!

Just the mouse's tail sticking out =)

Trying to get 10 kids to smile into the sun (not my idea) in front of a massive eagle's nest was not very successful

Moriah having a tug of war with a vulture over a mouse =)

Keenan's ready with his mouse

Huge Golden Eagle with a wing span of 7 feet!

Brandon (the birthday boy's dad) got to hold a mouse,
call "Hannah,"

...and she flew to his arm!

I saw more mouse guts that day than I ever need to see =)

Here, the owner threw a mouse in the air in front of us (you can just barely see it at the edge of the frame at the top of the picture)...
...and Hannah flew from the other end of the enclosure and caught it in mid air!

The eagle on the right here lives with him permanently and the one at the rear (on the left) is a wild one that is nearly ready to be released back into the wild.   He had us stay at this end of the enclosure, so as to not get the wild one used to people.

Such an amazing bird!

Pouncing on a mouse he threw on the ground

In flight back to his perch

The wild one got a little agitated and flew to our end of the enclosure and swooped around (nearly touching several of the adults) and actually brushed Moriah and Tam with it's wing!    She was a little startled at first, but then was pretty excited to have been touched by a wild bald eagle! =)

The birthday boy!


Anonymous said...

cute pics. are the mice alive when they feed them to the birds? I hope not poor things lol..

Joia said...

No, the mice were all very dead before the birds got them! =)

Mom W. said...

Unique idea, having the Birthday party at such a place, educational!!!