Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Awana Games 2015

This is the only year in Awana that Keenan and Moriah will both be in Sparks at the same time. They were super excited to compete in the annual Awana Games against five other church's teams on Saturday!

The gym was super awesome!
(It had a running track, pool and raquetball courts)
It must be a church/school

 Our team coming in

 Very serious while he waits

  I love Riah's kneepads! =)

 All ready to start, facing off with two other teams

 Ready for the first game, the Sparky Crawl

 There they go!

 Three teams, coming from all directions have to crawl across the floor, into each other and come out on the other side of the court first!


 Go Keenan!

 Moriah grabs the pin first!

 Racing around the circle in Sparky Safari

 Go Keenan, don't drop those animals!

 Baloon Battle - each team has to keep the balloon from hitting the floor in their section

 Team huddle

 Rabbit hunt (their team was in the middle for "dodge ball" and the other teams threw balls at them)

 Moriah on her team for Sparky train

 Five kids have to hold onto a pool noodle and be the first to get their team around the circle

 Keenan's turn

 Balloon Pop - they pass a balloon between their legs to the last person, who has to sit on the balloon and pop it before the other teams!

With their whole team
Third place out of six teams!

Fun stuff!   I told Philip maybe I shouldn't watch next year, because watching the score board makes me so stressed out!  Ha! =)

Off to Kansas City!


The Woodfords said...

What a fun time for everyone! I can imagine it being stressful watching the scoreboard, though - ha ha! Congrats Keenan and Moriah for playing well!
Love, Stepj

Mom W. said...

So... you are more competitive than we thought... Looking forward to the KC pictures!!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

Wow, lots of fun games. I may need to borrow some of those for some Sunday School events!
And Mom, I knew she was that competitive :)
Hope you're having / have had a fun time in Kansas City!