Monday, February 9, 2015

Seventy Four

Seventy. Four. Degrees. That's what the temperature was yesterday. That's 23 in Canadian. =)

Wow, what an absolutely Glorious day it was!  Philip was still working on base (so a huge bummer for him), but we made the most of it!

We checked out a cool park we'd heard about, but never been to.   It has several photo ops in place for fun pictures.  We tried them all out:

First up, the huge chair

An old truck

A two person bike (this was my favorite)

Caleb and I

All three on there =)

An old wagon 

The seat was super high!

There was straw left over from something and Caleb really wanted a picture on it =)

Beside the path on a huge fallen tree

I didn't realize that Canadian Geese did the one legged thing?

Maybe these ones are part flamingo? =)

Off they go...

Sweet jump shot of Keenan off the swings

This kid had a Great day!

Teeter tottering

Since the park was right next to the zoo, we took our lunch to the zoo and checked out the Children's Farm area, where we hadn't been in a while...

These two were gleefully having a bath!

This guy was ever so contentedly chewing his cud while laying in the warm sun

Petting goats

The camels always crack me up

Busy bees

In the tunnel that leads to and from the outside

Ride 'em cowboy!

This guy was a character

This guy had a runny nose and I caught him fixing the problem - so hilarious!! =)


This baby Orangutang was leaning out to get a drink, steadied by mom's grip on the line he/she was holding

This quick snap in a hollow log on the way out of the zoo ended up being a Great picture of the kids!

All of us before heading out

We came home for some (short) naps, and then headed into the backyard in bare feet to enjoy the irresistible warm sunshine!

Bare toes in the grass!

Keenan and I played catch for quite a while.  He's getting really good!   

I managed to catch a shot of him making a great catch!

Soo thankful for these brief days of sunshiney reprieve from the cold winter here in Kansas! =)


Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for sometime. You are an awesome photographer and writer. I no longer hear you talk about or see pictures of your dog?

Mom W. said...

So warm... summer? That is just not fair!!! Glad you could enjoy the warmth though!!! Weird though....