Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Science, Super Bowl and Stuff

 At C.C. last week, the kid's science experiment was pretty fun.  They got to find out what happens when you mix water and vinegar in a bottle, then attach a balloon to the top with baking soda inside.  When the baking soda is dumped into the mixture, the gas builds up and needs room to escape... it inflates the balloon!  Fun!

 It was a huge hit with every class!

Moriah went to a princess birthday party on Friday night and came home..

 ...with beautifully curled hair,

 and a sparkly tiara! =)

 Keenan made a ninja rod out of lego

We hosted our first Super Bowl party on Sunday!

 I had no preference, so both teams were represented =)

 Caleb was sick (and we weren't sure if the other two were carrying anything), so the three of them were quarantined in the boy's room with a movie and snacks =)

 At Half Time, we skipped Katy Perry and had a great time of worship and sharing instead

It was apparently a great game... I saw very little of it, but Did catch a super adorable puppy in the Budweiser commercial!   C'mon people, we all know the super bowl is about the food and friends =)

Philip attended a conference in Tulsa most of the weekend where they learned a lot of valuable information about "whole person care", taking a "spiritual history" on patients and honing their skills in how to bring Christ into their profession as doctors.   On Saturday evening and Sunday morning, residents and faculty representing multiple programs from all over the country gathered to discuss opportunities for ministry overseas, to meet others who may be interested in the same location, and most importantly, to pray for areas where the gospel is still needed.

 Moriah used some of her own money to buy this adorable HUGE dog!  Ha!   It's hilarious "watching" over her in her bed while she sleeps =)

 I love this... Caleb was so sweet with Keenan =)

I made these breakfast "cookies" out of bananas, oats, dates, honey, and flaxseed, they're pretty great!

I'm making myself get out of my comfort zone and try out a bunch of new classes at the Y.  I did a pilates class on Monday (which was pretty great at the time), but I now hurt all over (which doesn't go well with coughing and sneezing. =)   


Mom W. said...

Good half time alternative!!!

Enjoyed it all....

The experiment sounds great, do you know the proportions for the water and vinegar? and how much baking soda???

Joia said...

Mom, 1/2 cup each of water and vinegar... up to 1 Tbsp of soda =)

Anonymous said...

I love reading your posts...

That's a fun Superbowl party - when you don't care which team wins... I also love that you had a sweet time of spiritual fellowship too.