Saturday, February 7, 2015

Nearly Perfect Day

After having snow on the ground just a few days ago, today was 65 degrees! Philip was working on base (the not so perfect part), but the kids and I decided to get out and enjoy it as much as we could! 

After an art class this morning (their first of six, taught by a friend from C.C), we went to the Great Plains Nature Center, walked the trails, and had a picnic.

Some pretty ducks

Posing for a picture in the hedgerow

Running back from exploring the other end

Isn't it so pretty and mystical?

I thought this weathered tree was pretty awesome

A super old combine

After lunch, Keenan and Moriah entertained themselves by leaping over this small pool of water.    They're pretty cool. =)

Love these two shots!

Riah only narrowly made it this time! =)

After Caleb's nap, I suggested we go for a bike ride.   He needed his super hero gear on. =)


After the bike ride, we decided to head to some trails down the road from us to get in some running:

They Love these little hills on the mountain biking track!

Nice jump, Riah!

This photo is completely unscripted

I'm kind of in love with the light in this one

Cute picture, but running with a giant stick didn't last for long =)

Off on an adventure

After scaling a "mountain"

Supergirl all on her own

Capturing the joy of the day, while trying out some new photography techniques:

Snack time in the backyard:

This boy and his books.. =)

#50 something of the Hardy Boy series

The kids all fell into bed pretty sleepy tonight.   It was a good day.   Tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous too, can't wait!


Turtle said...

Looks like sooo much fun!! I especially love the pictures of the kids jumping over that puddle! Great shots! P.S. Caleb looked soo cute in that mask! :)

aunt Heather said...

Amazing temps!

Mom W. said...

So jealous... from cold snowy Ontario!!

Caleb is so funny in the mask!!