Saturday, February 14, 2015

More in betweens

Moriah and I finally got around to making the sand art bracelet kit that she got from Grandma W (I think?)

It turned out pretty cute!

We had a Ton of the colored sand left, so instead of throwing it away, we covered some paper in glue and made our own sand art!   So fun!

This is what happened when I asked Keenan to sort and fold some laundry =)

Snuggled up, watching Keenan and I play catch on one of our nice days

Sitting on a blanket with my three favorite students, reading Charlotte's web aloud... good times

My fun, new sweatshirt =)

Haha!   Caleb listening with interest, while Philip reads aloud out of one of his medical journals =)

We babysat this sweet boy for an afternoon, and a photo shoot happened

Delicious Egg Toast Cups!

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Mark and Rebekah said...

I can't believe the beautiful weather you're having there! Mark and I went for a walk today, and the high was -16C. Chilly! I think it was -27C last night! Anyway, I love the little glimpses we get into your lives :) Thanks for keeping us up to date with our beautiful nieces and nephews too!