Monday, February 23, 2015

Maple Taffy on Snow!

When I saw a friend's pictures on facebook of her kids eating maple taffy off of snow, I was inspired.

I thought, "I'm not in Canada, but by golly, we've got snow and I've got a jug of Canadian Maple Syrup, Let's Do This!!"

Keenan and Moriah were Delighted to be given the job of collecting a big pan full of clean, fluffy snow, and I put some maple syrup on to boil.   When it had reached the right temperature, they brought in the snow, and then the magic happened...

Oh yeah....

Aren't my mittens (one of three adorable pairs) from Rebekah, perfect for this shot??

So pretty

YUM.   I thought I might lose a tooth it was soo sticky, though! =)

The big pan

We found that if we ate a big clump of snow with each piece of taffy, it stayed crunchy while we ate it, instead of immediately sticking to our teeth.

How fun!    We may do this Every time it snows! =)

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Mom W. said...

Good idea, how come we never tried this in Ontario!!! Shame on us!!