Monday, January 19, 2015

The Pennys!!!

I'm last in posting this, since they left three days ago, but anyway... The Penny family stayed with us for three and a half days last week! It was the first time we'd seen them (except for Devin) in Seven months! It was so much fun! The kids were sooo happy to be back together and the oldest four entertained themselves almost perfectly the entire time!

Eden, Treyson and Caleb

The girls wanted a picture and the little boys had to get in on it

 The girls wanted to get dressed up for dinner

These two played SO many games of Monopoly!


How cute are these two??

Moriah and Eden wrote and illustrated a book together called, "The Story of a Very Happy Ending" =)

Sweet pajama boys

These three entertained themselves one afternoon with stickers =)

Lego masters at work

We didn't get any school done while they were here, but it went surprisingly well, having four extra people in the house (Devin wasn't here most of the time, he was working in Lakin).   Melissa and I especially liked having a "double mom" house where one of us could go do stuff and the other one could watch the kids.  It worked great for both of us!
I was sick all Monday night and most of the day on Tuesday (I thought it was food poisoning, but since no one else was sick, I think it was just a virus), so it was nice to have Melissa here to help hold down the fort, and to go out and get Chick Fil A for everyone for lunch. =)

The bug team

So silly


One picture of their whole family after Devin joined us for the last day

Poser Treyson

All of us =)

A goofy one!

We had a really great time and are looking forward to having them back in about a week!

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Mom W. said...

So good to have your special friends with you, are they moving to Wichita???