Thursday, January 15, 2015

January Randoms

I really like how this one turned out of the three kids. It was just a practice shot as I was setting up backdrops in preparation for a shoot.
My sweets in black and white

We had been mourning the loss of shrimp boils since our move from Florida, but then I decided that maybe we'd just go ahead and try it here!   The shrimp I bought (though frozen, not fresh), was actually Cheaper by the pound and was already shelled and cleaned - yay for that!

We were all Delighted to still be able to make one of our favorite meals, even though we're so far from the Ocean! =)

Oops, somebody made it snow in the pantry =)

Last Thursday, we went on a fun double date with new friends, Amy and John (they are both residents and I did their Christmas pictures in November).   We went to a Middle Eastern restaurant where we tried (and loved!) Shawarma, Baba Ghanouj and Fattoush!   We will definitely be going back!

At First Wednesday, we met Nick and Michaela, who we had heard much about but not met yet, since they had left for Africa as soon as we arrived.   We babysat their kids, Moriah (so cool!) and Charlie on Saturday night:

The two Moriahs loved playing dress up together!

I found a recipe for delicious Coconut Granola!

Isn't it beautiful? =)

So delicious over yogurt!

Longest "zoodle" (zucchini noodle) ever!
(This one was made by Melissa)


Mom W. said...

Love the pic of the 3 kids too!!! Perfect!!

Jessica said...

2 Moriahs!! Is this the first one she has met? How fun! Just did a bunch of catch up reading on the blog. Thank you for keeping up with it so we can see what life is like in Kansas!! Miss you guys.