Thursday, January 29, 2015

Giant Smash Up Catch Up

This post covers a lot of stuff, not related to each other, but in favor of getting caught up, I decided to make a "casserole" of it all and just put it in one post. =)

When the weather was nice last weekend, we went to the zoo as a family:

 It was super cool, seeing this 8 ton elephant put it's foot up for it to be trimmed and cleaned!

My sweet fam at the park

Super cute red panda!

One tiger licking the other =)

On Martin Luther King Jr day it was really nice out too, so I took the kids to a nearby park... as did everyone else in Wichita, it seemed!   It was super busy!

This kid has no fear!

Upside down monkey

On Monday (the 19th) evening we went to a surprise party for our friend, Dan.  Moriah made this sweet card for him:

Our family with Dan in the middle (with his beard and birthday cake)

Everyone who showed up at the party!

Dan with Moriah and the card =)

His sweet girlfriend Mindy and the Paleo chocolate cake she made for him

That Wednesday we went back to the zoo with some friends (but it wasn't nearly as warm out!)  I love this picture of the tiger sitting right beside Jonah =)

It was "Crazy hat" day at AWANA last week, so Keenan and Moriah made silly hats... Caleb wanted in on the picture, so he found a hat to wear, too =)

My friend, Kelly, and I organized our first Girl's Night out last Thursday night and we had 15 people show up!   What a great group of women I have hear to call my friends!

We had our friends, Angela and Sun Min over for dinner last Friday.    The kids Loved having baby Elias here!

Moriah is Just like I was - holding babies any chance she gets! =)

Caleb wanted a turn, too =)

Moriah made a tower out of bugles

From Saturday to Sunday, my friend Robin (from Florida) and her family were here, on their way home from a month long road trip!   It was so awesome to see her again and our kids hit it off Amazingly!

Moriah and Jackson are just a couple of months apart in age and had a great time playing together!

Keenan and Landon (10) bonded over board games and played them almost constantly during their visit!  They are now going to be pen pals

Robin, Marc, Landon, Jackson and "Hippo" =)

Soo glad they stopped at our "hotel" on their way through!

The morning they left... the kids did NOT want to say goodbye!

A pile up of boys

A new recipe I've made recently, Marshmallow Blondies... so good!

On Sunday, the Pennys got back into town and stayed with us until this morning (Thurs).    It was fun having them here, and we even managed to get some structure in place so that we did school with our kids separately every day but one!

Keenan and Jade made some pretty awesome Lego creations!

Devin and Melissa picked this dessert of my blog.  I hadn't made it in forever, but it is Good!

Okay, all caught up... now to get ready to host my first Super Bowl party! =)


Mom W. said...

Wow, looks like you are running a great B and B there, I guess I'll have to make some plans to come try it out to!!

So glad everyone is well and you are able to enjoy your company!!

Bethany said...

Gracious! Y'all have been busy!!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

I can never get over how quickly you meet people and make friends and bless others... You have such a gift for befriending people. I know from experience :)

Love you!