Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Family Sledding!

It. Is. COLD!!   Well at least for someone who's spent the last seven years in Florida and now lives in winter land! =)   We got snow on Saturday and it has just gotten colder ever since!

I noticed when I was getting the kids ready for bed the other night that the tree in the front yard looked Really pretty, all covered in snow, with the lights on it, so I had to grab the camera:

Love this silhouette shot

So pretty!

On Sunday, we went sledding for the first time as a family here.   It was fun!   Caleb and I got wind burnt way before the others and retreated to the van, but Keenan and Moriah just kept going!   I was so proud of them!

So excited to try out his new sled!

My gang at the top

I love how happy Caleb looks here

This one's a little harder to steer frontwards =)

Happy girl!


Nice jump, Keenan!

Moriah going for it



Cale and I

He had soo much fun and had an amazing amount of stamina

Almost lost him!

...but we righted him..

...and kept on going!

Cool guy in the van while we waited for the others

It's 25/-3 right now, feels like 17/-8.   This will take some readjusting. =)


Aunt Heather said...

And can you believe that some cities are actually banning toboganning!

Mom W. said...

-15 today C, not sure what that is F.

Sounds like today is a doozer all over, school buses cancelled etc.

Mom W. said...

PS, I like the new header!!!

Bethany said...

Fun stuff! COLD here too but no snow… which I'm really ok with seeing as Everything shuts down with the slightest bit of winter precipitation! Your blood is gonna thicken back up in a hurry! =)

Hannah said...

Just like the good ol days eh Joia! It's C.O.L.D. here to!! it's -13 here on Fri night. Good weather to stay indoors!

Alaina said...

Looks like SO MUCH FUN, but I am not envious of the constant cold weather!