Sunday, January 25, 2015

Call Back Weekend!

(Definition by Philip) Call back, also known as "second look," weekend is a residency recruiting event.  Applicants (medical students) who have interviewed and we are recruiting to come to Wichita for residency are invited to spend the weekend with a resident host to learn more about the program and have some fun while visiting.  We also have a chance to get to know them better because while some of the students have worked with us for a month or more, some may have only visited for one day (when they interviewed).

On Saturday night, there was a dinner, dance, etc downtown...

 Ready to go

 The venue, called "Abode" was awesome!

 The band, called "Shifting Dullness" is made up of five faculty members - and they are awesome!   They rewrite the lyrics to songs popular from their younger years to make them apply to life as a resident... soo funny!

 Dr. Stringfield in a wig, while singing a Taylor Swift song =)

 The residents did a flash mob dance to one of the songs

 Two couples we like a lot
Ben and Kelly and Jessica and Sam

 With my favorite guy =)

 Ben got to crowd surf!
He got thrown pretty high in the air, too!

 My friend, Angela, and I

 With her husband, Sun Min

Kyle and Sarah
(Kyle is Canadian and we had them over for Canadian Thanksgiving, Sarah is the one that got me going to spin class)


Aunt Heather said...

Thanks for the explanation. I was wondering...

Mark and Rebekah said...

Being a resident looks like FUN! And it looks like there are a lot of fun doctors who work with Philip. I am wondering how TS sounded...

And it must be nice for you to enjoy a date night out. I loved your outfit :)

Mom W. said...

Wow, so many people to remember!! Sounds like a fun time!!