Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Blessing for Myrtle (and I!)

Philip's sister Jessica, and her husband Matt, happened to be visiting friends in the panhandle last week and ended up in our town of Valparaiso!   Jessica called me and asked if I thought it would be okay if they stopped in to see Myrtle.   I was Ecstatic at the idea and so happy she had thought of it!   The timing couldn't have been more perfect.  Myrtle had just had knee surgery the week before and when I had talked to her the day before was not doing very well... in a lot of pain, and didn't have anyone there at the house to help her out.   I knew that a visit would brighten her day.    I asked Jessica to pick up some flowers, and then called Myrtle to let her know that they would be coming.

When they got there, Myrtle said, " Why yes, you are Philip's sister!   You're just as beautiful as he is!"  Haha!  Jessica said the visit was great and that Myrtle looked great for just having had surgery.   It was a cold day so she had her wood stove going, but was out of wood, so Matt went out the back and got a bunch of wood and stocked her up.    He also gave her a "talking to" about needing to use her cane more and to ice her knee more often. =)    Jessica loved her accent and said she could have stayed all day long to listen to her stories.

Matt and Jess prayed for Myrtle, and for her sister (who has cancer) who had just been transferred to UAB for treatment.  Myrtle then prayed for Matt and Jessica and for God's direction in their lives.   So sweet.   She apparently told them some stories about when Keenan was a baby, too. =)

I LOVE this picture of Jessica and Myrtle!

What a blessing to Me that some of my family would be in the right place at the right time to stop by and bless my dear, sweet Myrtle!  Thank you, thank you, Matt and Jessica!!

Here's Jessica in front of our old house!   So weird...


Mom W. said...

OH God is so amazing, what a great thing He did in putting Matt and Jessica at Myrtle's place!! Wow!!! So cool!!

Jessica said...

She misses you guys SO much but she looked really, really great. We loved getting to spend some time with her. God's perfect timing!!

denise said...

So cool! God provides when you least expect it sometimes!

The Woodfords said...

That's so neat! What a special thing to do!