Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 in Review

What a year 2014 was!

 January 3rd, I flew to Colorado to surprise Rebekah, and meet baby Luke!    Soooo much fun!

Rebekah looking Fantastic post delivery!

Tiny baby Luke!

January 11th, Philip and I flew to Wichita for him to interview at Via Christi!

January 30th, we had a historic ice/snow fall in Florida!

February 14th, as a joke, the kids and I put together a Lego/Robot themed birthday party for Philip!

February 16th, we got to see exact replicas of Columbus' ships, the Nina and the Pinta!

We had Keenan's birthday party on March 1st, when Mom, Jeff and Isaac were in town:

On March 9th, Keenan did his second dauthlon!

April 4th, we went with our homeschool group to Green Cedars Farm

April 10th, we went to Pensacola to see the Blue Angels practice and also went strawberry picking =)

April 13th, I ran my first (and likely last) Half Marathon!

We celebrated Easter in Wichita, KS and found our new house!

The kids graduated from Classical Conversations on April 25th:

 Keenan's class

Moriah's class

May 9th, Keenan and Moriah roller skated for the first time!

May 17th, we did the Mud Run with Andrew and Bethany!

May 24th, Devin and I went Skydiving!

May 26th, on my birthday we took a fun plane ride over the Emerald Coast!

May 27th, Phil and Myrtle took our kids fishing for the first time!

May 29th was my last MOPS meeting ever =0/

June 8th was Moriah's Dance Recital:

June 9th, my very last Margarita Monday! =0/

June 17th, they packed our house up:

June 19th, there was a farewell dinner party with the residency staff:

June 25th, my friends had a goodbye party for me:

June 26th was our final residency banquet =(

July 27th, we left Florida and en-route to Wichita, we made stops at the U.S.S. Alabama, Mississippi,
Ramage Farms in Texas, and Great Wolf Lodge!

June 30th, we arrived in Kansas to our new Home!

We moved in on July 2nd:

July 4th, we celebrated the holiday with new friends =)

July 10th, was the beginning of the Great Bird Adventure!

July 21st, we had our first visitor, Papa!!

July 24th, Grandma Eberts came for a few days!

August 3rd, Mark and Rebekah came!   (So much fun company!)

August 11th, we started school!

August 15th, we went to a Wichita Wingnuts game:

August 19th, the kids and I participated in our first Chalk the Walks!

That same day, this arrived in the mail from Grandpa and Grandma Woodford!

September 3rd, the kids started AWANA here (Moriah's first year in Sparks!)

September 6th, we had our friends, Peter and Erica over (who we would come to LOVE...and they would later move away...)

On September 11th, Moriah learned to ride her bike!

We went to the Kansas State Fair on September 13th

Philip and I took an epic 10th Anniversary Trip from September 20th to the 27th to Boston and two Azorean Islands off the coast of Portugal!

September 30th, my sweet friend, Dawnita, hosted a Welcome Party at her house to welcome me to the Via Christi family =)

October 2nd, we went apple picking with some friends

October 3rd "KMC Restaurant" opened it's doors!

October 15th, we took a trip to Oklahoma City for a few days and Philip got to meet Aunt Millie for the first time:

We visited the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial on October 17th.

On October 25th, I found some true, "Ontario like" fall colors!

Our homeschool group took a field trip to Klausmeyer Dairy Farm on October 29th

On Halloween we went to a fun fall festival:

On November 12th, we hosted our first (of many, we hope!) "First Wednesday"

We celebrated Caleb's birthday with friends on November 15th

November 16th, we got our first snow in Wichita!

November 23rd, Philip and I ran (the first of many, I think!) the Turkey Trot and four days later ran the Say Grace 5K on Thanksgiving

On the 27th, we hosted Thanksgiving for a few of our new friends

December 6th was our first annual "Cookies for the Neighbors" event!

On December 7th, Moriah and I went to Oklahoma for Aunt Millie's Memorial service

December 9th, we took the kids skating for the first time!

December 13th, we had an Owl themed party for Moriah's 6th birthday

We celebrated Christmas with the kids early at home, and then set out on our ten day Christmas trip up North from the 18th until the 28th...

With my extended family on the 20th:

With my immediate family on the 22nd:

Dinner with Philip's Uncle Dennis and Aunt Mary on Christmas Eve:

Christmas Day with Philip's family in Michigan:

Visit from Mom and Jeff on the 26th:

Driving home on the 28th:

Here we found the first and oldest cache in Missourri
Philip and the kids are nearing their 600th cache!

We celebrated New Year's Eve with friends!

Wow.  What a year.   Thanks be to God... we are blessed!

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Good year in review, good thing you are such a picture taker!!!!