Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Some In Betweens

Here are some pictures from in between events lately:

Moriah used some money she had been saving to buy to new dress up dresses.   We got them at Exploration Place.    The company was started by two moms who wanted dress up clothes that were comfortable, machine washable and didn't cost a fortune.   We love them!

So pretty!

I think this one is my favorite

Caleb fell asleep in Philip's arms at the Nifty Nut House

On our way out to a residency Christmas party

Moriah with Maddy (who is wearing a sweater dress that used to be Moriah's) =)

Our babysitter is so awesome, she made and baked these with the kids (without being asked!) while we were at the Christmas party!

Sigh... Erica, Peter and Maddy moved to Michigan last week... =(
I sure miss them being two doors down!

This is a "Wubble".  Moriah got it for her birthday, it's like a ball, but flexible like a giant bubble!   So fun!

The kids looking through it
(They may have already poked a hole in it, but you can replace it from the company for $6.99!"  Woohoo!)

In the first semester of CC, we've been learning about the body in Science, this last week, the kids got to assemble all the pieces that they'd cut out and colored the last 12 weeks - cool!

(I like how the light shines through from behind!)


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Mark and Rebekah said...

What FUN pictures! So many little memories that are so special... I love Moriah's dresses, and that's really cool that she saved her own money! Good job Moriah! And Caleb must have been REALLY tired to fall asleep at his favourite place in Wichita :)
Safe travels tomorrow and Friday! Can't wait to see you :)