Sunday, June 8, 2014

Moriah's Dance Recital!

The day finally arrived - time for the much anticipated Dance recital!

Hair all curled and ready..

Make up on (not thrilled about this part, but it's part of the deal)

Moriah was SO excited about this day and later said that it was even better than she had hoped it would be!
(Which is great, because the whole process was a bit painful for the rest of us, watching all of the other nine classes in between her songs) =)

So pretty!

 She did so well!

Too cute for words


Her whole class

Taking a bow

During intermission (notice the towel covered seats - that was so they didn't get sparkles everywhere!)

Hanging out while we wait for the second half

Getting her medal from Miss Heather

Flowers from Mommy and Daddy at the end

So proud of our sweet girl!

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