Monday, December 8, 2014

Gingerbread House Two Zero One Four

Our "Daddy's gone for the whole day" project yesterday was decorating a gingerbread house!   I love this as much as the kids do, so all four of us really look forward to it every year! =)

We each decorated one of the four sides of the house...

Getting to work (looks like Riah is doing some sampling here)

Gingerbread houses are very photogenic! =)



I love how I caught all three of their hands working at once here

Moriah's completed side
I love her roof!

I did frosting (and stuck the peppermint on) for Caleb but he did everything else by himself!

Keenan's design somehow made his share of the candy seem like a lot more! =)

My side, the front door

Now to see how many days I can keep them from eating it! =)


The Woodfords said...

"It is better to eat gingerbread houses than to save them." I'm sure I read that somewhere! ;). The houses look great - good job!

Love you all,

Mom W. said...

Very cool!!! Great job Dooley family!! If only the house was a big as the the real one!!