Thursday, December 4, 2014

Friends and Stuff

This past weekend, Devin was here from Sat to until Tuesday morning!   He was moonlighting at a hospital several hours from here over Thanksgiving, and then came to Wichita for a few days for some meetings, to house hunt and hang out with us and the Planeview folks!   It was a great visit, but I forgot to take a single picture, so I just stole one from the banquet back in June =)


On Monday night, we had Peter and Erica and Maddy over for dinner, likely for the last time before they move in less than two weeks! =(

Erica had been craving hot dogs, so we had a really "Summery" meal of hotdogs, yummy toppings, chips, macaroni salad, baked beans and a light fruit pavlova for dessert! =)

Erica, Maddy and Peter

I'm gonna miss this girl soo much!

On Tuesday, we had Sam, Jessica and baby Elias over for dinner.   Sam is an intern and they are part of our house church group.   They're so much fun!   It was a bitterly cold night so we had hot bowls of African Peanut stew over rice with fresh bread.

Like Mother, like daughter... this girl Loves babies! =)

Caleb wanted a picture with her, too.  I love his smile!

Sam, Jess and Elias

My "guest book" painted tongue depressors are working well!    I haven't forgotten any guests and people seem to enjoy filling them out - some in rhyme, some with pictures, and some (Mom E) with more words on one stick than I ever would have thought possible! =)

And in random news... I took my first spin class (indoor cycling) at the Y on Monday with a couple friends.  Well, I Thought they were my friends!  Ha! Wow!   I have so much more respect for spinning than I ever did before!   I figured that since I have spent more time on a bike than the average person, it was going to be no big deal.  Was I ever wrong!   Just today (Thursday), have my legs stopped hurting!  Ouch!!


Mom W. said...

Spin class... never heard of it!! Sounds interesting!! I hope the sore legs didn't destroy your friendship ;)

Mark and Rebekah said...

Your kids must be SO EXCITED about Jade and Eden coming! I know in the summer they were talking about how much they missed that family. How special for you all :)