Saturday, December 6, 2014

Exploration Place!

Philip was post call on Thursday, so we got a pass to Exploration Place downtown (because we'd heard it was awesome) and spent several hours there in the afternoon.   It IS awesome!!

I love this one on our way in

This was in the lobby - a huge maze of tracks that metal balls roll on and through stuff and then they get picked up and dropped somewhere and they do it all again!   The kids stood and watched it for 5 or 10 minutes straight!

Learning which parts of the tongue taste different things

Moriah in a little acorn bed =)

This seesaw had things in the middle that rolled back and forth

I was put in the stocks for having too much fun =0/

I kind of want one of these for Christmas!

Moriah using the catapult

They had a whole section dedicated to building with KEVA blocks (I wasn't familiar with these, but in hindsight, realized that we own some!)   They had some pretty amazing things built with them...

I Love this Christmas tree!

Look at this stuff!

Truly amazing...

The kids checking out what the inside of a colon looks like =)

Keenan playing a digital pinball game

This was a digital screen, telling about mosquitos... if you put your hand on it like this...

They would all go straight to your hand!

Harvesting wheat in a combine simulator

Moriah's flying a plane!

 Cool plane made out of license plates
(The wall behind it is about three stories tall and is made up of thousands of individual metal tags that are hung, and when fans blow on them, they ripple and change color in the light... it's amazing!

 Caught this little guy having lunch

 Philip and I in the wind machine - winds up to 90 miles an hour I think!

Moriah after she came out =)

Like I said, we only had a couple of hours that day, so we really just "skimmed over" everything and there is still so much we haven't really done!   I'm sure we will be spending lots of cold, winter days there! =)

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