Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Early Christmas in Kansas 2014

Since we are heading up to Canada and Michigan (tomorrow!!!), we had our own family Christmas early here before our trip.

The 15th was our "Christmas Eve", so the kids opened their stockings that day...

So excited!

Here they are with a few of their favorite things
Keenan and Moriah especially loved the wallets theygot

New outfits from Grandma E
Poor Keenan was sick here (he had puked all night long)

On the 16th, we opened presents after Philip got home from work.

Caleb LOVES pickles, so we thought it would be funny to buy him a Giant jar of them and do video of him opening the gift (it was awesome!)

Here he is, admiring his pickles =)

A make your own two sided fleece blanket kit

Keenan was soo excited about these Lego books from Grandma and Grandpa E!

Caleb's Mickey Mouse table

This is Keenan gasping when he realized what he was opening...

Little House on the Prairie books from Uncle Matt and Aunt Jessica!
(We had listened to an audio book of one of them and our kids were hooked... this series is definitely one that I thought we should own!)

Giant craft jar from Uncle Matt and Aunt Jessica!

Jessica got Philip a shop vac in our family exchange and I decided to save paper and wrapped it in a Masai blanket instead! =)

They gave these shirts to each other =)

Keenan enthralled with his Lego book

Moriah with a Giant art set from Grandma and Grandpa E!

Well, the van is mostly packed and we are anxious to get on the road as soon as Philip gets home from work tomorrow!

Interestingly, we got several inches of snow today!   It will be strange if we leave snow here and don't get any up North, but I'm not sure that it's forecasted! =0/


Aunt Heather said...

We had a couple of cm last night but no more in the forecast until Christmas Day.

Mom W. said...

Barely a skiff of snow here. Yeah, funny to leave snow there and come here and have none, at least it won't be quite as much of a disappointment!!

Dad and I have been slowly making our way through the Little House on the Prairie TV series, not sure how true it stays to the books.

Praying you are all feeling better for your travels!!! So excited!!!

Barb said...

I would LOVE to see the video of Caleb opening his jar of pickles!