Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas in Canada 2014

Since we hadn't been to Canada and Michigan since Last Christmas, we made the trek up here for Christmas again.   Boy, were we excited to be with our families!

The first thing on the agenda was an extended family gathering at my Aunt Nora's in London.    It was fun to be there in time for All the festivities this year...

 Daddy and his girl

 Look at all those stockings!

Philip and I with ours

I Love this picture that Rebekah took!

Opening stockings =)

Moriah taking a picture with my camera

Me and a sweet boy

Mark and Rebekah
(It was sooo much fun to finally see their new house!)

Grandma coloring with Moriah =)

Rebekah and I succumbed to Settlers of Catan (even though neither of us like it!) because Keenan had just gotten it for Christmas and desperately wanted to play!

Stockings ready for the next morning

Delicious "Christmas morning" breakfast!

Cute kids

 In their new jammies from Grandma E

Sweet kiss =)

Modeling the head lamps they got in their stockings

He cracks me up =)

 ...and I love him

Moriah with her light up necklace

...and with Auntie Bekah


That's better

...with their baby girl =)

 My dad made these Amazing clocks for us all for Christmas with slices of an Aromatic Cedar tree that he cut down back in the summer!   Way cool!

My mom made these adorable (reversible) aprons for the kids - now (with the black side), they can all have matching aprons for their next restaurant venture!  =)

Uncle Mark and Auntie Bekah have the Best back yard!

 Moriah being brave and getting a geocache from Way up high for Daddy! =)


Alicia, Rebekah, Ada and I after a rousing game of Dutch Blitz =)

 Caleb and Grandpa in their matching coats! =)

For "Christmas dinner", we went to Swiss Chalet!   (It's now in it's second year of being a family tradition!)   I LOVE that place!

Festive special!

Dad and Mom

Josh and Keenan

Rebekah and Alicia (Mark was at home sick) =0/

Rob, Ada, Brayden and Galina


Here's Ada and I for all those who have been asking how she's doing
She's doing really well - doesn't she look great??  Three more weeks of the neck brace.

Our time with my family was quite short, but did not feel rushed and we had a great time playing games, eating (way too much) yummy food, laughing, talking, watching movies and just enjoying being together.   The kids loved being with their cousins and Caleb and Josh especially hit it off really well.

On Tuesday, the 23rd, we said goodbye to my family (hopefully just until the summer this time) and headed over to visit Laura before crossing the border.

It was wonderful to see her and Ciara (and meet their new, sweet puppy, Huxtable!)

 The kids had a Great time playing with him!

Laura and I =)

At this point, we had been gone from home for five nights and had slept in four different beds, so we were looking forward to being in the same place for a few days in Michigan...


Mark and Rebekah said...

I love all these pictures! What great memories of a special time :) Fun games, good food, fun people... I loved having you all come too.

Thanks too for joining in on the Prisoners of Catan game... You made it bearable :)

I hope the second half of your trip is going just as well!

Love you Dooleys, and thanks so much for making the long trip North to be with us!

Bethany said...

Looks like a great time! Andrew and I both got headlamps in our stockings too =) Enjoyed all the pictures! =)

Mom W. said...

Great times!

Miss you all!!

Jessica said...

The clocks and aprons are amazing!! Way to go, Woodford Team! Love all the pictures. So glad you got to make the Northern trek!