Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Day (and the 26th) 2014

Christmas day was fairly laid back, since we didn't have anything until 3pm.    Aunt Mary made an Amazing breakfast and I went for a great morning run (the only workout of our trip!)

Christmas dinner was at Aunt Patti and Kent's house.   Their basement accommodated everyone quite well!

Ping pong tables make great dinner tables!

The kid's table

Moriah (in her gorgeous new dress from Auntie Bekah!)

We had a fun gift exchange for the adults and ended up with a Chipotle gift card (yum!) and a really fun sled!

Trying out Aunt Mary's gift - a "selfie stick"

The kids got a bunch of fun/educational gifts from Dan, and an Etch A Sketch was one.   On the 26th, my inspiration (which only comes every few years) returned...

A Michigan that everyone in a house with Spartans and Wolverines can agree on =)

A spot of tea

The only snowman in sight on this trip

Can you tell what this one is?
Lucy looking into the wardrobe to Narnia

That afternoon, Mom and Jeff and Mom's friend, Maureen, came by to visit.

Caleb having a very funny conversation with Mo

The guys

The adults

Mom and Jeff with the grandkids

That evening, we got a babysitter and Philip and I went to play Wallyball with the family.   I'm not very good, but it's so much fun! =)

A few of them out on the court

To finish off the evening, we went back to Aunt Patti's for leftovers - yum!!

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Mark and Rebekah said...

I LOVE Moriah's new dress! I'm so glad it suits her!
Wallyball looks fun. How do you play?