Monday, November 17, 2014

Today Was One of Those Days... of those days when living 1,000 miles from your family just stinks.

The day started with a call from my dad saying "I've got a bit of news..."  I knew right away it was bad news.   Rob and Ada and the kids had been in an accident last night and although most of them were fine (praise God!) Ada had suffered a broken neck.

No, if I was there, there isn't much I could have "done", so maybe the ache in my heart was purely selfish, but oh, I wanted to be there!   To hug Rob, to hold Ada's hand, to kiss my nephews and niece and love on them... to rejoice with family that we still had them all and that the precious life inside of Ada was still lively and kicking.

But I wasn't there.   The beautiful part of that though, is that they Did have family there to do All of those things, and to do it so sweetly and at just the right time.   I am So thankful that God had members of our family in the perfect places to serve Rob and Ada when they needed it most.

I could pray though, and I did.  And Keenan and Moriah and Caleb in their simple, sweet ways did, and my family in Florida did, and Philip in another state did, and Dan in Kenya did, and our house church did, and my neighbor down the street did... and He heard, and He worked.

A thousand miles is not too far for Him.

*** Here is the story, borrowed from Rebekah***

Words cannot express how thankful we are today! Yesterday Rob and Ada came to visit for the afternoon so we could take some pictures. After Gospel Meeting, they had an accident on the way home on the snowy roads. The EMS brought them back to St. Thomas hospital (never was I so glad that we live two minutes down the road from the hospital!) to assess them. Rob, Brayden, Josh and Galina were all fine. Ada had some tests done, and was sent to London in the middle of the night. Her baby (she's 22 weeks pregnant) is fine. Ada broke her neck though and is in surgery right now in London. We are so thankful that the Lord preserved their six lives. We are so thankful for family who loves them and who has either been close enough to help, or who has been praying from afar.
Please pray for Rob and Ada that the surgery goes well (she went in at 2:30) and that Ada will recover well.
Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us. Selah.
Psalm 62:8
Above is the verse she asked me to read to her while we were in the ER last night. She said, "I'm just putting my name in there - Ada, pour out your heart before Him."
*** Update on Ada ***
We just got off the phone from talking to Rob and Ada.
Ada says she's feeling better and that she's in less pain. She's hoping to go home in a couple of days although she will have a neck brace on for a long time. Of course she wanted to hear how her kids were doing since she'd only seen them for about 10 minutes before she went into surgery... But she's doing better!
Thank you so much for all your prayers. Rob is staying with Ada in London, and Brayden, Josh and Galina are now with Mom and Dad Woodford in Norwich.


Bethany said...

Well put. I knew, too, as soon as Andrew started into it when he called on my way to work that something wasn't good. And yes… the heartache of being "stuck" here… but pray we did, my family did, our church family did... And yes, He most definitely heard and answered those prayers.

Lots of love from us here!

The Woodfords said...

Oh, I hear you! Hugs and love to you, Joia!!


Mom lW. said...

I can feel your frustration but isn't it great that God is our long distance link that takes away the distance!!

denise said...

I'm praying for fast and speedy recoveries for each of them!