Monday, November 24, 2014

Random Recap

Here is an odd collection of happenings from around here lately...

Seriously, have you HAD this??   A-mazing!!

First hot chocolate of the season!

Moriah all decked out.   This is what she spent quiet time doing one day last week =)
She got these beads for Christmas a few years ago and they are still one of her very favorite things!

Mom E, this is for you!   You bought these pajamas for Keenan 5 or more years ago and they are still going strong, on their third kid! =)

Philip was gone for five days of training last week... the kids were pretty happy to have him home on Friday!   We had a wonderful family weekend together =)

We are dog sitting Erica and Peter's little dog, Pippi while they are gone for the week (they are house hunting right now and are moving to Michigan in a couple weeks!  Boo!)

Pippi is the sweetest, easiest little dog ever!

...proof positive.   Even Philip likes her and let her sit with him! =)

Cool picture of a garbage truck coming through Caleb's "car wash" made of Magnatiles

Caleb through the tunnel

This was a group effort, but Philip added the stability measures and most of the architectural appeal =)

My little Christmas elves, helping with stamps and address labels for Christmas cards!

I love this picture so much!   Moriah is sleeping with "Diana", the doll that I slept with when I was her age!!

Philip and I did the Wichita Turkey Trot yesterday morning.  It was just a fun 2 mile race (because we opted not to do the 10 mile one), but we each came home with a free turkey!   The first 2,000 registrants got a voucher on their race bib!   Soo awesome!  They weren't small either!  15 and 16 pounds each!   Happy Thanksgiving to us!
I think this race might be a yearly tradition =)

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Mom W. said...

How many turkeys did you say were in that picture? Oh yes, two!!! =) Good job, 2000 turkeys? Wow, somebody sure is generous!!! Happy Thanksgiving, wish I could have some American Thanksgiving turkey!!! Maybe I should cook one anyway!!!