Friday, November 7, 2014

Movie Night With Great Friends

Last Saturday night, we hosted a "God's Not Dead" movie night at our house.   Quite a few of our friends hadn't seen it yet, and with our projector we have a "big screen" that makes it easy for a lot of people to watch at once.   It was so much fun!   We had 10 or 12 people come and had a great time and lots of good food!

Three of my friends from house church - Becca, Corinn and Kelly!

I was soo excited that Kelly had found some "Joia" soda and brought it!
(She and I are also birthday twins... 8 years apart) 

The highlight of the evening for Keenan was that he got to play a game of Monopoly with Ben (Kelly's husband).  Ben also Loves games, to the two were well matched and had a good round!

This other picture isn't related at all.   Keenan, Moriah and I played Cars Monopoly the other day and Moriah was doing so well I had to take a picture!

Four monopolies and a pile of money!

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