Sunday, November 2, 2014

Klausmeyer Dairy Farm

Our homeschool group took a trip to a "dairy farm" last Wednesday.   I was expecting it to be a big production (50 or more cow) milking parlor and get a tour of the whole milking parlor.  I was disappointed.   They have a milk parlor, but it isn't even operational anymore.   They have four cows that they milk for their own use, but sold their herd in 2011.  I don't think you can still call yourself a "dairy farm" if that's the case.  Oh well, they had lots of other stuff to do and the kids had a great time...

First was the pig race!

Their prize at the end was milk (there was a LOT of talk about milk and how it's the "nearly perfect" food... =)

The farmer's wife doing a milking demonstration and aiming a pretty long stream of milk toward the crowd!

My favorite part was being one of four adults picked to bottle feed lambs!

Soo cute!  It's little tail just wagged and wagged! =)

The kids petting one of the lambs

Philip was able to join us for most of it, so that was really fun!

Most of our group before getting to feed some heifers

Caleb was serious about reaching the food! =)

Next they got to see the milking parlor...
Feeling the suction on the milking machine

On a hayride out to the pumpkin patch..

A pretty perfect pumpkin that I chose

My love and I

Three cute kids

At the playground...

Love this

Haybale maze

This next part, I thought was weird and kind of gruesome, since they still have cows on their farm...

A fossil dig... for cow bones!

The kids loved it though

A big find!

All in all it was a pretty fun, but long (and dusty!) day.   I did learn something new about cows.  Because they are herbivores, they Never grow top teeth in the front!   Who knew!?

Also, on the way home, one of the tires on the van blew out and thankfully Philip was driving in front of us and was able to change it!   I am so thankful for God's provision!

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Mom W. said...

Wow, cow bones, interesting... I think the hand-milked cows are more educational but of course I am "old school" =) I didn't know that about their teeth either!!