Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

The kids decided to enter pumpkins in a contest this year (that's why we chose the tall, oblong one at the farm...

Because Moriah wanted to do a penguin!

She did such a great job!!

With her finished pumpkin =)

Keenan made the minion one on the left - I don't have any pictures of the process of his, because most of his got done in a hurry the day of the contest.   Caleb selected each of the pieces for his "Mr. Potato" pumpkin

Moriah chose to be Aurora from Sleeping Beauty this year
The costume is really pretty and comes down long, sort of like a train in the back =)

Pretty curls for the occasion

Keenan chose to be a ninja...

This pose seemed appropriate (and was actually my idea) =)

...and Caleb was Bob the Builder

Love these three!

Instead of trick or treating (which would have been Freezing anyway!), we went to the Fall Festival at Calvary Baptist Church (where the kids do AWANA).

Keenan with his pumpkin

There were tons of games, tons of candy, food, a puppet show, a box maze, and more!

Moriah playing Plinko (she dropped the little red disc in the top and then it bounces down, back and forth through the nails, and you get points at the bottom)

Caleb playing ring toss

One of Three ice chests full of candy that went around and replenished the buckets at each game!

Another girl had the exact same costume!

Caleb's bowling skills were impressive

Keenan entering one door for the box maze...

...and came out another door about three minutes later!

The other two finally making their way out!

Moriah using a giant sling shot to make an excellent shot at a huge pyramid of cups!

Keenan giving it a try

They had an old car in the parking lot that people could bash with a sledge hammer if they wanted... the kids thought this was great fun (now I'm a little scared for our own vehicles!)

He cracks me up!

I even took a turn myself (I popped a ton of paint off the hood and put some pretty impressive dents in the roof) cars are sturdier than I expected, though!

Getting a wagon ride behind a pony

Caleb standing with his pumpkin during the judging

None of our kids won prizes for their pumpkins, but I am soo proud of them all and the pumpkins look great on our front porch, greeting our guests! =)

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Mom W. said...

Of course this grandma thinks they should have won prizes for their pumpkins!!!! They are cute!!! The kids are cute too, love Riah's curls!!!