Monday, November 24, 2014

First Snowman of 2014

Even after the snow had melted too much to go sledding a second day... there still remained traces of it, especially in our front yard where it stays mostly shaded.

The kids were Delighted that the snow was great packing snow and that we had enough to make a small snowman!

Moriah had the brilliant idea to use chocolate chips for his face and buttons. and we borrowed a hat from her doll.   I think it's adorable =)

Love this!

Keenan throwing a snowball in my direction at my request (and then snatched the camera away before it had a chance to get to me)

Happy kid (in his sister's gloves)

Serious snowball throwing faces

Keenan was greatly amused by making large snowballs... and then dropping them on his head =)

Here goes!

What a goof

Caleb was cold and teary when we came in.. so Keenan and Moriah got him all snuggled up under Three blankets on the couch, with a pillow and Two bunnies =)


The Woodfords said...

So cute - love it!! =)


Mom W. said...

So glad They are enjoying the snow, ours is all gone too, but I am sure it will soon be back!!!