Monday, November 17, 2014

First Snow in Wichita!

Yesterday morning, we woke up to the kids saying, "It's snowing!" I was super excited to hear that, but didn't immediately jump out of bed, because I figured it was a few lazy flakes, flittering down and not covering the ground at all. When I Did look out the window, I was shocked to see it coming down steadily, and about 2.5 inches on the ground!

The kids could not WAIT to get outside!!

Out our front door!

Super happy kids in the backyard...yes, we had a lot of winter gear to add to this picture, as none of them had boots, and only one had snow pants =)   When we went to the store, we discovered that everyone else had the same idea!    The pickings were SLIM!

Keenan's snow angle (I love the pom pom indentation on the top!)

Our cute little moose

The wind (once we went around the front of the house) was pretty brutal, so we didn't stay out too long.

Keenan learning a new life skill =)
He was so excited to try it!

Our kids have MUCH to learn about living in a place where it snows.   Keenan didn't know that it was called "shoveling", and he also didn't know what I meant by "insulation" when we were looking for boots. =)   They're going to learn fast!

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Mom W. said...

That is hilarious about the shovelling, Grandpa would have loved to teach him more about it today as we had a huge drift in our driveway this morning!!