Friday, November 14, 2014

First (Random) Wednesday at Our House

We have had the privilege of attending "First Wednesday" multiple times since moving to Wichita.   It is a large gathering, started by and usually hosted by our friends, the Stephens, on the first(ish) Wednesday of each month.    There is usually a speaker... quite often a visiting missionary and is attended by most of the residency, medical students and anyone else who wants to come!   This month (to my delight) we were asked to host it at our house.  

Dawnita Stephens and I made three huge lasagnas and everyone else brought sides and desserts.   It was a full, happy house!   Our whole house church was here, along with about a bunch of people I had met once or twice and quite a few I'd Never met!

The speaker was awesome.   I can't give any details about her except that she was a doctor from an African country (in order to protect her safety as she is a Christian in a closed country).

Here are a few pictures of the night!

Food line

Dining room

Living room

Looking back to the dining room


Everyone seated to hear the speaker!  
Turns out we can fit quite a crowd in our basement! =)

We love being able to open our home to others, and look forward to many more opportunities like this!


Bethany said...

Wow! That's really cool… and SO many people! I love your house, by the way =) Want to see it in person! … and the people who live in it, of course =)

Mom W. said...

Wow, that was impressive. Would love to have been part of it (yeah, I know I con't qualify!!) Good too have such a spacious basement!!