Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cox Farm

Philip was gone last weekend for three days to Chicago. He was doing some training to be a deputy editor for FPIN (Family Physicians Inquiries Network). The kids and I went to Cox Farm on Sunday morning while he was gone. We sure missed having him there!

The first order of business was riding the "cow train".... (they were the only ones on it!)

Caleb in the middle

Riah at the front

...and Keenan way at the back!

All thee of them

They loved this tunnel maze!

In the middle of it

On the hay ride out to the corn maze

At the front of the wagon for the best view

Starting the maze!

It was soo tall!

I'm not actually sure if this was corn... there were no cobs on it and the tassels seemed weird... anyone?

Keenan had a great time solving the picture puzzles as we went through..

Here's one of them - crab apple

The driver offered for them to sit in the tractor seat!

Sooo sunny!

These goats were so full, they didn't budge when we stood at the fence with handfuls of food! =)

They each picked a pumpkin to sit on...

Sweaty, rosy cheeked boy

They haven't had the chance to use teeter totters much, but did Twice this week! =)

Laughing his head off

This is the kind of slide we had when I was a kid!   You don't see these much anymore! =)

Love this!

These two top holes were so high off the ground, I had to have someone else take the picture, while I held Keenan and Moriah up so they could reach! =)

How Caleb fell asleep on the way home =)

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