Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Random Collection

Here are a few pictures that slipped through the cracks with other posts...

We used toilet paper rolls to stamp leaf shapes...

Caleb hard at work

Keenan and Moriah decided to send their finished pieces to Phil (Keenan's) and Myrtle (Moriah's)!

One day last week we picked up slushies at Quik Trip and went to the park to do school!  Fun!

This is what happens when you're my neighbor and I find out it's your birthday =)

My board for battleships with Keenan =)
(He worked so diligently and strategically to search the top, left half of the board!   He ended up winning, only ONE turn ahead of me sinking His last ship!   Epic game!

A pretty sky in our neighborhood as we headed out for a run

On Sunday afternoon, Keenan came running into the house, asking for scissors.  I asked what for and he said,  "Moriah was lying down on my skateboard and now her hair is tangled in the wheel... so I'm going to cut it off."
Um... No you're not!

They came in and this is what it looked like:

Not.  Cool.

There was no way I could untangle it, so I had to get a screwdriver and remove the whole wheel in order to get the hair out.

This is what we were left with.  Lots of grease.

A palm full of dish detergent and a whole lot of shampoo and conditioner later, she was as good as new!    Soo glad we didn't have to cut it out! =)


Mom W. said...

Good job handling the screw driver Joia!!! =) Poor Ria!! Yay for not cutting it, good thing you caught him before he did!!! The leaf pics are fun!! Good job!!

Mom E said...

Kudos to you for maintaining your composure enough to A)take a pic of the skateboard/hair debacle and B)actually think of using a screw driver instead of scissors! I could see by Moriah's face she was Not a happy camper, but I'll bet she won't ever do that again! lol.
Also, loved the tree pics the kids did and so glad they thought to send to Phil and Myrtle.
Wow on battleships! I never could get into that game but I know Jeff, Isaac, Reagan all love it.
Oh, and did Erica like her b'day house decorations? She's so sweet!

denise said...

Quick thinking on the screwdriver!