Friday, October 3, 2014

Philip's First Restaurant Review

After getting home from work this evening Joia said that we would be having a dinner at a new local restaurant that had just our house.  She apparently mentioned the idea to the kids and they were super excited to make it happen and had a lot of input and ideas that she was not expecting.  After I changed out of my uniform into some dressier clothes to match Joia's fancy dress we headed out for the evening through the garage.  

After a short stroll we arrived at the front door of the newest bistro in Wichita, "KMC Restaurant".

Their main floor dining room was still being prepared for the dinner rush so we were escorted to the Jazz bar in the basement for an appetizer and drinks before dinner.  I don't think there was a live band but the mood music was excellent.

At the bar with my beautiful date and our delicious homemade salsa 
(It tasted almost as good as the salsa Joia prepares from scratch.)

The Menu (we opted to share the chips and salsa rather than get the popcorn)

After finishing with our appetizer the hosts led us to the main floor dining room where we had the whole place to ourselves.  Apparently things were slow on opening night.  Joia said she heard about it it on Twitter.

For dinner Joia had the "Veggies and Dip" while I had the "Salami, Cheese and Cracker Plate."  The P&J sounded tempting but the oldest chef advised me to go with the salami special.  The speed of service was simply amazing and the food was delivered with stunning presentation mere moments after we placed our orders.  We did end up sharing our entrees as there was too much for either of us to finish.  It seemed a little odd but some of the wait staff decided to feast on our leftovers after taking the plates back to the kitchen.  The management probably needs to look into paying them better if they're so desperate for food they need to eat the scraps from their customers.  Dinner was followed by Apple Galette with Vanilla Ice Cream for Joia and Ice Cream Sandwich for Philip.  I was a little disappointed by the lack of anything Cookies and Cream on the dessert menu but they are just getting started so I imagine that the menu options will expand in the future.

The Chef Trio of KMC's

Thank you to K, M and C for a delightful dinner with my lovely wife.  We were sorry to hear that K and M were forced to fire C partway through the night as he was more interested in watching Netflix than helping to prepare dinner.  He served a mean cup of ice at the bar so I think he'll land on both feet, or maybe his forehead, either way he's a tough guy.  We highly recommend KMCs KMs Restaurant and give it 16 fingers and 4 thumbs up!


Mark Woodford said...

Sounds like it'd be worth another trip down to try out this new place, maybe C will be back on the payroll by then. Thanks for the chuckles.

The Woodfords said...

You're great, Philip - that was awesome!! =). Amazing job, K, M and C (and J) - I loved your restaurant! We'd definitely love to try it out whenever we visit Wichita!

XO to all,

Joia said...

Wow, a comment from MARK!!! What an honor! =)

Yes! All you Woodfords should definitely visit (or visit again!) This place is great! =)

Mom W. said...

OH, I see, the restaurant opening!!! Too bad it isn't local for us!!! The popcorn appetizer sounds really tempting for me!!! =)

Good review Philip!! =)

Mark and Rebekah said...

Philip, this is HILARIOUS! Mark and I both had a good laugh at this post :) Poor C getting fired, although maybe it was for the best...

Don't worry Mom, maybe it'll become a chain and they'll spread over into Canada... We can always hope :)

Jessica said...

I gotta admit - I was convinced you went to some restaurant run by kids for the first few sentences til I stopped being gullible. Just another one in the long list of ways Philip has pulled one over on me through the years :) Hey look, Gullible is written in the sky!! Where?!? LOL

I can't wait to try this new place out and leave it a great review on Yelp!! :)

Mom E said...

Oh my I laughed and laughed at this review. I couldn't help but think of Gr'pa Taylor as I read this. You're writing style was so much like his. He would've absolutely loved this!
Too bad the KMC restaurant was still under construction when Isaac & I were there. We would've loved the PB&J option & the popcorn appetizer. Was kinda' sorry that C got fired but maybe he can be in charge of entertainment next time and then you can have "dinner and a movie". lol. Sooo fun! And the kids did great! Good job, momma!