Sunday, October 19, 2014

Oklahoma Family!

I have to admit, when we moved to Kansas and found out that we had some family less than three hours away, I was pretty excited!  

Barb and Carol visited us last month, and when Barb found out that we'd be in Oklahoma City for a couple days while Philip was doing a course, she offered for us to stay at their home!   I was especially excited about this visit, because it would mean that I'd get to see a bunch More family that I hadn't seen for anywhere between 9 and 15 or more years!!

We arrived at Barb and Buddy's beautiful new home in the afternoon on Wednesday.   We visited and had a delicious dinner and then Barb offered to watch the kids while Buddy took us to see (Great) Aunt Millie.   Unfortunately, she was in the hospital (low sodium), but was feeling pretty good and was delighted to see us (as we were to see her!)   She and Philip had never met and he thought she was pretty great. =)

We had a Wonderful little visit with her (I don't think she's changed a bit since I last saw her!)

What a sweet lady!   91 and going strong!

The next morning, we met up with Lori and her kids at the park.    Lori is married to Brent, Barb and Buddy's oldest son.  I last saw Brent in 2005, before he was even married.

Most of the kids (minus one) on a fun spinny thing at the park

Thursday evening we all met at a park so I could do some family pictures for them before we went out to dinner.  What a great looking bunch!

I saw Blake, Barb and Buddy's younger son, for the first time in over 20 years (I think) and met his wife, Jenna, for the first time.

Jenna and Blake

Lori and Brent with Millie, Gretta and George

Buddy and Barb

The whole crew!

After pictures... we made it short and sweet for the kids, Barb and Buddy treated us all to pizza at Hideway Pizza.  It was Amazing and the BEST crust I have ever had!

On the way home, we stopped by Uncle Gord and Aunt Millie's apartment to see Uncle Gord!   It was so fun for him to meet Philip and the kids for the first time ever!   He is 92 and he and Aunt Millie have been married for 71 years!   What a great guy!

So special to see him again!

There will be a few more posts and lots more pictures of our visit, but, wow, am I happy to have this little contingent of family so close by!    We will be back to Oklahoma I am Sure! =)


Aunt Heather said...

What fun! We had Carol and Barbie here last Monday for Thanksgiving.

The Woodfords said...

Aw, how special!! So glad you had that special time together!!

Love, Steph

Mom W. said...

Great picture of everyone, they all look great, so good to see Uncle Gord and Aunt Millie too!!

Mark and Rebekah said...

I love the family pictures you took :) As usual, you did a beautiful job, and what a great keepsake for them. Beautiful pictures, and a great memory of your first family visit. Speaking of which, we're looking forward to your family visit here!!! Love you all!