Monday, October 20, 2014

New Friends and the Oklahoma City Zoo

On Thursday we met Lori and her kids at the zoo and then went to their house for lunch.

Moriah, Gretta and George

Caleb being goofy

Upside down Riah


The kids thought this spinny thing was the Best!

Caleb did Really well on the rope structure!

Look at this thing!

We convinced all of them to sit in here except George =)

Keenan at the top of the ropes!

On Friday we went to the Oklahoma City Zoo with Lori and her kids.   We even got in Free with her pass!   Woohoo!

The first thing we saw was probably my favorite of the day... 

A baby rhino!  =)

This is Rupert, he weighed a mere 150 pounds when he was born in June

All the kids on the lion statues

Moriah wanted one of her own

Beautiful lioness

This baby elephant was pretty sweet, too!


Watching the chimps play with some halloween goodies

This one sliding down here was sooo funny! =)

This little guy had only one arm, but it sure didn't slow him down!

Pretty Ocelot

...and of course I had to see the Tiger...

The little boys

Girls on a Gorilla

Boys on a smaller gorilla

I don't know what type of monkey these guys are, but they got a super fun Star Ship Enterprise!

Next we went to the aquarium..

 Clown fish

 Keenan and Moriah with some artificial crabs in the touch pool

 Sea horses!

 Lion fish

 I don't remember what this one was, but it sure was sparkly!

 Being eaten by a lion

 Lori and I

The kids and I before leaving the zoo


Mom W. said...

Fun Zoo, you guys sure have been to a lot of them!!!

Aunt Jessica said...

So fun. Love your scarf. Riah looks grown up!